Product Review: Sweet Loren’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

First, a confession. Before they changed their recipe, despite the “Do Not Consume Raw Cookie Dough” warning on the front of the Sweet Loren’s package (and the one on the back that said, “We know it’s tasty, but please do not eat raw cookie dough.”), we ate three-fourths of this ready-to-cook gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookie dough right out of the bag.

We lived to tell about it, and it was damn delicious. (But of course, as responsible people we do need to tell you you shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough.)

Thankfully, we probably weren’t the only ones. Now, Sweet Loren’s cookie dough is designed for eating raw. Anyway, even before that, the irresistible nature of the dough left me wondering: how good is the gluten-free cookie dough when cooked? Turns out, it’s just what the package promised: “insanely delicious.” And fluffy and perfectly textured and chocolate-chip-cookie-good and just plain YUM.

Found in the refrigerated section of well-stocked grocers (probably where you’d find crescent-roll dough), Sweet Loren’s gluten-free chocolate chunk cookie dough includes 12 pre-shaped discs of cookie dough, tops and bottoms flattened to be easily slid onto a baking sheet and cooked into 12 medium-size, neatly shaped, chocolate chip cookies (if you can resist eating the dough, that is). 

There’s more to appreciate about this convenience food than its fantastic well-balanced sweet-salty flavor. First, if you’ve got a bag in the fridge, you have to do little more than turn on the oven and lay out the dough to have mighty fine fresh-from-the-oven cookies in less than 15 minutes. Second, you can freeze them so you can keep cookies around for longer! But also, they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and egg-free, which means COOKIES FOR EVERYONE! Did I mention the ingredients are non-GMO, familiar (meaning not weird chemical-sounding stuff) and easily identifiable? 

Sweet Loren’s chocolate chunk cookies? Heck YES!

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INGREDIENTS: Gluten free flour blend (oat, tapioca, potato starch), cane sugar, palm oil, chocolate chunks (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, vanilla, salt), filtered water molasses, natural vanilla flavor, sea salt, baking soda.

CONTAINS: Made on shared equipment with products containing eggs and soy.

REVIEW DATE: January, 2021

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