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Hi. I’m Erika Lenkert. I’ve been obsessed with outstanding dining experiences since my well-fed San Francisco childhood–so much so that I became a food critic, cookbook author, and travel journalist in the late ’90s and never looked back.

In 2001, I stopped being able to tolerate gluten. I’ve been gluten-free ever since, even while developing hundreds of recipes for Every Day with Rachael Ray, reviewing restaurants for the San Francisco Chronicle, authoring cookbooks, and writing for Food & Wine, Food Network, Bon Appétit, Travel & Leisure, and InStyle.

With nearly 17 years of GF eating behind me, here’s what I know for sure: You don’t have to sacrifice quality, health, or flavor when eating gluten-free. You can have everything you want–and eat healthier and better–if you know where to look and what to cook.

I started GFF Magazine to let you in on that secret–where to find the best GF products; how to bake mind-blowing GF breads, crackers, and desserts; and, most important, how to make unbelievably delicious, wholesome farm-to-table food. (Oh! And I’m going light on meat and dairy these days, too, so you can expect lots of recipes that are so shockingly good without these ingredients, you’ll never miss them.)

With the help of a growing number of insanely talented chefs, stylists, and photographers, it’s my goal to bring you an unparalleled taste of the good life every quarter.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

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Erika Lenkert