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July 1, 2023

Hello GF Friend!

How is your summer looking? As July 4 approaches, I’m super excited to attend our nearby county fair. How I love good old-fashioned Americana. Although in NorCal, traditional fair menus of stuff like off-limits funnel cakes and beer are accompanied by gourmet, GF-friendly additions like freshly shucked oysters, bountiful salads, and chardonnay! It’s not my ultimate fair meal — that’s reserved for GF corn dogs — but it works.

Of course, cookouts abound this time of year, too, so I’m happy to share with you some ultrafresh grilled vegetable dishes to complement or replace meatier options. Turn to them for flavor explosions on Independence Day and beyond. 

Burrata and Grilled Vegetables with Arugula and Basil Oil

Grilled and fresh summer vegetables are so delicious, they need little embellishment. Just add burrata and an easy homemade basil oil and you’ve got a dream dish. Get the recipe

Grilled Romaine and Avocado Salad with Salsa and Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

gluten free salad recipe

Grilled romaine lettuce tastes great and looks amazing. Drizzled with a spice-kissed ranch dressing and perky salsa, it’s a party on a plate. Get the recipe

Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini with Quinoa and Feta

This gorgeous salad is hearty without being heavy. It can also withstand lingering in the sun. An optional sprinkling of feta adds a welcome tangy accent. Get the recipe

Grilled Potatoes

No need to heat up the oven for these crispy-fluffy beauties. They cook right on the grill. So simple, delicious potatoes are easily yours. Get the recipe

June 26, 2023

Grilling season is upon us! Hooray! When it’s time to take the party outside, turn to the following recipes. Each is truly fantastic and one I look to again and again. I hope you will too!

Get started on these and get ready; my next newsletter will feature grilled vegetables!

BBQ 101 for the Meat Lover

Grilled Skirt Steak Salad with Charred Tomatillo Salsa

Part meat entree, part salad, this one-dish wonder includes a vibrant green salsa that also is fantastic with tacos, eggs, vegetables, and chips. Yum! Get the recipe

Grilled Spice-Rubbed Pork Ribs with Barbecue Sauce 

Grilled Spice-Rubbed Pork Ribs

These luscious, finger-licking ribs are the stars of any cookout. They’re super-easy to prepare, but plan ahead; they’re best when rubbed with the spice mix the day before and refrigerated. Cooked in the oven and finished on the grill when you’re ready for them, they make for easy entertaining. Get the recipe

Grilled Peanut Butter Chicken

This dish’s marinade of peanut butter and exotic spices is so wildly delicious, I often skip the barbecue sauce and serve it as is. If you want to turn chicken into an occasion, use this recipe! Get the recipe

Grilled Short Rib Tacos 

These ribs — with tasty quick pickled onions — could not be simpler to season and grill. Add radishes and avocados, or use your favorite toppings and set up a make-your-own taco bar for a fun and easy fiesta. Get the recipe

June 13, 2023

Hooray for Summer!

Though it technically starts on June 21, I’m well into the sunny-season mindset, and it got me thinking about beverages. They’re kind of like salads — easy to prepare and totally impressive and memorable if you have a good recipe, yet they’re often overlooked when planning the menu. The following drink recipes give you plenty of juicy, fruity reasons to up your beverage game for the picnic table, beach, and beyond. 


Hibiscus Coolers

It takes just three ingredients to make this delicious nonalcoholic thirst-quencher. Add your favorite GF spirit and it’s ready for happy hour, too! Get the recipe

Watermelon–Garam Masala G & Ts

A readily avaiable Indian spice mix, watermelon juice, lemon, and mint add layered flavors to the classic gin and tonic. Get the recipe

Bourbon, Blackberry, and Tea Cocktail

This gorgeous cocktail combines black tea, mint, lemon, bourbon, and berries into a seductive thirst-quencher. Skip the bourbon and bitters and add more tea for a buzz-free summer sipper. Get the recipe

Turmeric Mojito Cocktail

Gluten Free Cocktail Turmeric Mojito

This refreshing drink is like sunshine in a glass! Plus it includes anti-inflammatory turmeric! Get the recipe

June 6, 2023

Hello GF Friend! 

We’re finally entering the time of year when many of our favorite fruits taste as vibrant, juicy, and sweet as they should!

While summer produce needs little embellishment, a few kitchen tricks can turn your grocery-aisle or farmers-market finds into show-stopping desserts.   

So, let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting, and enjoy the flavors of summer with these simply divine desserts. 


Grilled Pineapple with Spicy Salted Sugar

Grilled Pineapple with Spicy Salted Sugar

You won’t find a bigger flavor explosion than this combo of juicy, tangy-sweet grilled pineapple with a salted sugar-and-hot-pepper dip. Trust me and make it; it simple looks and preparation belie the exceptional flavor experience of this refreshing treat. Get the recipe

Grilled Peaches with Cardamom-Honey Yogurt

Grill ripe halved peaches or nectarines and serve them with cardamom-and-honey-kissed yogurt and you’ve got a new way to obsess over stone fruit at its peak juiciness. Leftovers are great for breakfast, too! Get the recipe

Strawberry and Rose Water Parfaits

With layers of berries, jam, homemade custard, and rose water-kissed whipped cream, this grand finale is as gorgeous as it is luscious. Get the recipe

May 6, 2023

It’s the annual question: What do you make Mom for Mother’s Day? Or maybe more likely, what do you tell your people to make you if you’re doing the momming? And also, how can you pamper yourself if you’re missing Mom this Mother’s Day? The recipes below apply to all of the above! So go ahead and bake someone happy, even if it’s all you!

While you’re at it, don’t miss the last chance to enter to win the ultimate allergen-friendly Taylor Swift concert extravaganza. TS was the first concert I took my daughter to, and it’s a perfect Mommy-and-me event at any age. 


Everything Muffins

With a carrot cake vibe, a kitchen sink-like ingredients list, and an abundance of flavor, these muffins are packed with love and wholesome goodness. Plus they freeze beautifully! Get the recipe

The Best Gluten-Free Berry Scones 

We don’t call these “the best” lightly. These scones have it all—good looks, great flavor, crumbly-wonderful crust, perfect texture, and the flexibility to work with any berries you like. They can even be made vegan and they freeze well, too. Serve them with a cup of tea or coffee and any morning feels special. Get the recipe

Pavlova with Strawberries and Whipped Cream 

The beautiful thing about a pavlova—other than it being deliciously cloudlike and marshmallow-y—is that it’s naturally gluten free and ever so versatile. Top it with your favorite fruit and dollops of whipped cream (or whipped coconut cream for a dairy-free version) and you have a show-stopping Mother’s Day dessert! Get the recipe

April 25, 2023

I’m so excited it’s finally the time of year to start talking about warmer weather foods. Winter seemed to last forever!

Now that we’re here, let’s make the most of our sunny days with fantastic, light recipes that are easy to make and can be prepped in advance and stay fresh sitting on a patio or picnic table while you soak up the sun. 


Crunchy Salad with Chicken, Peanuts, and Tangy Peanut Butter Dressing

Here is a super-crunchy, flavor-forward Thai-inspired salad that takes minutes to prepare and the whole family will love. The sweet-tangy peanut dressing is so deliciously seductive that it elevates whatever protein or vegetables you add to the salad. It also works great as a dip for vegetables such as pepper strips, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices. Get the recipe

Roasted Cauliflower with Caper Vinaigrette, Walnuts, and Golden Raisins

his recipe is so simple and people I serve it to always ask for the recipe. The caramelized cauliflower is wonderful on its own, but the easy caper vinaigrette and the walnuts and raising put it over the top with extra flavor and texture. Get the recipe

Shaved Snap Pea Salad with Toasted Almonds and Whole Citrus Vinaigrette

With farm-fresh snap peas coming into season, now’s primetime for this gorgeous, crunchy salad. It takes a few minutes to thinly slice to peas, but the fresh, light, crunchy results are worth it.  Get the recipe

Cobb Salad Wraps with Creamy Avocado Dressing

cobb salad wraps

When you don’t know what to make for dinner on a busy night, make these healthy and family-friendly lettuce wraps! Kids love to make their own and you can customize the fillings to fit your family’s preferences or use up leftovers. Get the recipe

Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar

Strawberry season is just around the corner! With less than a minute of prep, you can have a pretty, light dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth. It’s a perfect treat for last minute company, too! Get the recipe

November 29, 2022

Happy Holiday Season!

This is the fun stretch for us here at GFF. For the rest of they year, we’ll be busy sending you our very favorite gluten-free (and often dairy-free) recipes for holiday meals, treats, and gifts.

We’re also starting our annual giveaway on December 1 


, so look out next for our kick off newsletter.

But today, we’re all about latkes. Latkes, a.k.a. potato pancakes, were one of the first foods I got passionate about making. There’s just something completely irresistible about the combo of salty, onion-kissed crispy-creamy fried shredded potatoes paired with the sweetness of applesauce and the tangy lusciousness of sour cream (not to mention other exciting options, which you’ll see below).

Everyone seems to have secret tips for the best potato pancakes, where the center is cooked just right and the exterior is perfectly crisped and golden brown. Yes, it’s about the water content and the starch and the oil. But in truth, pretty much every latke is a tasty latke, so if you want to make them, don’t sweat it. Just follow one of the recipes below. If you want to master the craft, read our tips for how to up your potato latke game no matter what recipe you use. 

Latkes with Horseradish Cashew Cream and Caviar 

Here’s the only basic gluten-free, dairy-free latke recipe you’ll ever need. Make the horseradish cream and add some caviar for a fancy twist on the traditional version—or just serve them with some applesauce and sour cream. Whatever you do, make more than you think you’ll need; whenever I make a batch, they barely make it out of the frying pan before they’re gobbled up. Get the recipe

Curry-Carrot Latkes with Mango Chutney and Yogurt

If you’re looking to add a little color and zing to your latke game, try this pretty, warmly spiced version. Shredded carrots lend a sweetness to the shredded potatoes and the crowning chutney-yogurt combo is an exciting accompaniment to these beauties. Get the recipe

Herb Latkes with Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream

A variety of bright, vibrant herbs give latkes new life with this recipe. Pair them with smoked salmon and sour cream or just a fork and perhaps a friend. Get the recipe

Beet Latkes with Green Apple and Fennel Relish

Shredded beets add visual drama and subtle flavor to traditional latkes, while the refreshing bright-green relish creates a completely fresh flavor profile. Get the recipe

November 16, 2022

Woo-hoo! We’re heading to my favorite holiday of the year.

I suppose I love Thanksgiving for the same reasons so many people do—it’s our least commercial holiday, it focuses on gathering with people you love (and sometimes some you don’t, but who at least hopefully make for great stories later), and of course, the food! 

Even if you think you’ve got your menu squared away, I suggest you check out the following recipes. The fantastic cult turkey recipe, gluten-free sides and desserts are so good at filling hearts and tummies with gratitude, they may inspire you to add some new traditions to your feast.

The Thompson Turkey: A Thanksgiving Cult Classic

This is the time of year that I always share my family’s Thanksgiving dinner tradition, the Thompson Turkey. It’s a food lover’s feat to be sure, and includes the very best and most unique stuffing and gravy I’ve ever had. You can read all about it and get the recipe here.

Pear, Escarole, and Endive Salad with Toasted Hazelnuts and Sherry Vinaigrette 

With all of the heavier dishes on the Thanksgiving menu, it’s nice to have a refreshing fall salad to balance out the meal. This one combines bitter escarole and endive with sweet pears and crunchy hazelnuts for a deliciously light palate cleanser. Want an extra pop of color? Add pomegranate seeds! Get the recipe

Cornbread Dressing

If you’re not making the Thompson turkey and need a stuffing recommendation, consider this rich and complex version of traditional cornbread dressing. It features sausage and hard-boiled eggs, but for a vegan version, you could omit them, use veggie broth, and throw in a few extra pecans for an amazing vegan side. Get the recipe

Bourbon-Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Bacon

Anyone who thinks they don’t like Brussels sprouts, this recipe is for you. The bourbon glaze and bacon add the perfect mix of sweet and salty to the cabbage-y roasted sprouts. Get the recipe

Braised Green Beans with Dill

I love this dish so much, sometimes I make a meal of it alone. A little onion, chicken broth, olive oil, and dill do a lot to elevate the flavors of this simply elegant side. Be sure to use fatter green beans (not haricot verts) that will withstand the braising process and retain their texture. Get the recipe

Yukon Gold, Sweet Potato, and Caramelized Fennel Gratin

Caramelized fennel adds a delicate but unobtrusive counterpoint to the weightiness of buttery, creamy sweet potatoes and Yukons. The crunchy GF topping seals the Thanksgiving-worthy deal. Get the recipe

Sweet Potato Pie

If you’re going for a traditional Thanksgiving, you must make this easy sweet-potato pie with an extraordinary teff crust. Once you master the crust, try it in other pies like apple, pecan or quiche. Get the recipe

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Vegan Cranberry Pear Crumble

If making a rolled crust is not your thing, try this colorful, seasonal crumble. It’s quick and easy to prepare and deliciously sweet-tart. Serve warm topped with vanilla ice cream (dairy or non-dairy). Get the recipe

Perfect GF Pumpkin Pie with Vegan Variation!

Even if you think you have the best pumpkin pie recipe, you should review this one. It is the creamiest, most delicious version—even when it’s made with vegan variations—and it comes with a crust recipe that should truly become your go-to. Get the recipe

November 9, 2022

I hope you’re well. I’m starting to think about Thanksgiving and will share lots of recipes next newsletter. At the moment, I’m preoccupied with food costs.

Are you feeling the squeeze at the checkout line and everywhere else like I am? It’s no fun! It’s also reason to cook more from mostly whole ingredients.

If you aren’t sure what I mean, go to a grocery store and buy one bag of groceries from only the store’s perimeter, where all the whole ingredients are. Then do the same shopping from the center of the store, where all the processed foods are. You’ll see the price difference is shocking! 

With the holidays approaching, we’re all likely to have other places we’d prefer to splurge, so this week I’m sharing ways to pay less to eat more and better.

My dear friend and editor Cindy Rice just wrote 5 Ways to Spend Less When Eating Gluten Free. It’s on our website and worth reading. Also, the following mostly whole-ingredients recipes are ones that kept pleasure high and costs low. 

I always like to hear from you, so if there’s anything specific you’d like me to share, please respond to this email and let me know. Otherwise, Thanksgiving next week! 

Winter Minestrone with Parsley Pesto

Hearty, warm and nourishing, this soup is like a big hug. It’s also a truly elevated minestrone. Don’t be afraid that the ingredients list is long-ish; most of it is herbs and spices or veggies. Take a little time to make it, freeze extras, and you’ll have wholesome, easy comfort all season long. Used canned beans and for an even easier, weeknight meal that the whole family will love. Get the recipe

Fettuccine with Roasted Squash, Bacon, and Red Onion

Gluten Free Fettucine

How can something so simple be so incredibly fantastic? This is the question you will ask yourself the second you bite into this full-flavored, bacon-y, buttersquash-y GF pasta dish. Bonus: this recipe showcases a method you can use again and again: use other types of GF pasta, vegetables, and cheese to customize the dish any way you like. Get the recipe

Warm Cauliflower Salad with Lemon-Honey Dressing and Fried Chickpeas

This pretty caramelized cauliflower-centric salad can easily be a main course or a side dish. With a punchy, slightly sweet dressing and crispy fried chickpeas, it’s unexpected and also pairs wonderfully with baked chicken or fish. Omit the honey and substitute maple syrup and it’s vegan. Get the recipe

October 25, 2022

Hello GF Friend!

How’s fall treating you? I was thinking about lunch today, or more specifically about making my daughter’s lunch. She’s an awesome human, but boy is she picky…and, in all cooking-related things, she’s lazy, too. And since she’s 17, she’s got a more grown-up palate.

So, each morning, I craft and pack a selection of what I hope will be irresistible things for her to eat—all in about the 45 minutes between the time I wake and wave her out the door. I’m pretty certain my love language is service, so though it sounds goofy, I take great pride in and joy in the effort. To me, it’s like sending her to school with a box of love. 

I tell you all this because we all deserve to head off for the day with a box of love, even if we have to make it for ourselves. So, I’m sharing some recipes for things I include in her lunchbox in case you need some ways to add a little deliciousness and care to your own lunch or the lunch of someone you feed.

Gluten-Free Fried Rice

There are three things I love about this fried rice. First, you can use freshly made rice (though I also used day-old). Second, it’s the perfect place to dump any combination of finely chopped and lightly sautéed vegetables. And finally, the flavor; it’s delicate, elegant even. That said, sometimes I add butter at the end, because, well everything’s better with butter! Get the recipe

Avocado Rolls

My daughter teases me because whenever I recommend a recipe to someone, I usually say, “And it’s SO EASY!” I say this because, as she points out, it IS easy for anyone who’s been cooking for a long time. But making your own sushi rolls is truly easy, even for beginners.

For starters, you need only good-quality sushi rice, water, and seasoned rice vinegar and you’ve got everything you need for awesome sushi rice. (You can make your own seasoned rice vinegar from unseasoned rice vinegar, sugar, and salt) but using store-bought is a-okay!)

Spread some on a large square of nori (dried seaweed), place some strips of avocado or another filling in the center, seal the nori edge with a little water, roll it up with a bamboo sushi mat, and slice it and you have fresh pro sushi.

I do this in the morning from start to finish in 45 minutes, 30 minutes of which is waiting for the rice to cook and cool. I also make a little extra rice so I can have a sushi lunch too!

Don’t have time to roll sushi? Pack sushi rice and fillings and some nori squares. This allows for making your own handrolls come lunchtime. Bonus: all those leftover takeout soy sauce packets (gluten free, of course!) in your junk drawer will finally be of use! 

For great flavor and textured sushi rice, buy quality sushi rice. It’s a short-grain Japanese rice; no other type will do. Make sure to rinse the uncooked rice until the water runs clear then follow the package directions for cooking. Once it’s cooked, transfer it to a bowl, pour some seasoned rice wine (available in Asian and other markets) over to taste, and gently fold to mix and cool. You want a little tang in the rice. 

Gluten-Free Chicken Sandwich with Green Goddess Dressing

This beauty is one of my all-time favorite lunches! Grill some flattened chicken pieces, make the easy dressing, and store everything in the fridge and you’ll have an amazing sandwich just minutes away. Packable, satisfying and absolutely delicious, it’s truly worth making. Get the recipe 

Crunchy Salad with Chicken, Peanuts, and Tangy Peanut Butter Dressing

I make this salad at least twice a month—and make extra dressing so I can throw lettuces, chicken, peanuts, and herbs in a bowl, add the dressing, and have an awesome instant meal. It’s the dressing that gets me: peanut-buttery with added tang and layered flavors from apple cider vinegar, powdered ginger, and a kiss of red pepper, it’s just too good. In fact, you may want to use it with chicken satays, too! Regardless, this salad is great for lunchboxes because the dressing is too thick to spill and get all over your backpack (though you can also put it in a tiny jar), and the lettuce is durable enough to linger with dressing for a bit before sogging. Get the recipe 

October 18, 2022

Please forgive the long silence. Covid caught up with me this summer and it’s taken a shockingly long time to regain my energy. I hope you’ve been faring better! 
During my lazy days, I got into some batch cooking so I could store or freeze leftovers and easily hand my daughter tasty homemade food without working too hard. Two greatest hits are my favorite coconut-almond granola (such a money saver, too!) and Pecan Banana Bread, which seems to work well no matter what GF flour I use. 
As we enter fall, it feels right to return attention to the kitchen, and to share with you delicious things to cook and eat. As the calm before the holiday cooking and entertaining storm, this time of year is when I love to make cozy, wholesome foods that satisfy the soul and leave me feeling nourished. I share some of these recipes here with the hopes that they bring you equal joy. 
I’ll be back in touch with more yumminess soon. Meanwhile, be well out there!

French Onion Soup

Oh, this soup. You probably already know how delicious good French onion soup is. But if you’ve never made it, you don’t know how satisfying it is to create your own and freeze leftovers for future magical meals. Get the recipe

Roasted Acorn Squash Salad with Pink Peppercorn Vinaigrette

I love a salad as a meal. But it has to be a delicious, hearty salad. This one bulks up the satisfaction with acorn squash, which is in season right now, and an exciting dressing. I hope you like it as much as I do. Get the recipe

Roasted Salmon with French Lentils and Arugula

I sometimes forget how fantastic lentils are. They’re so easy to cook and nearly impossible to screw up. Plus, they absorb the flavor of the liquid they’re cooked in. In the case of this edible love of a dish, this means they’re flavored by chicken or vegetable broth and perked up at the end with some vinegar. So good! Get the recipe

Damn Good Gluten Free Tips, Recipes, and a Giveaway!

My sweet friend Peggy Curry, co-founder of Curry Girls Kitchen, poured decades of cooking and teaching love into her new, totally gorgeous cookbook, Damn Good Gluten Free. With 140 approachable recipes that can be adapted for DF, vegetarian, vegan, and more and a personal voice that helps her passion jump off the page, it’s a wonderful addition to any cookbook collection. You can get a taste of her tips and recipes right here. Also, I’m giving away 3 copies of her cookbook on our Instagram page this week.
Head over there for a chance to enter. 

July 6, 2022

I hope summer is treating you well. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that for the past couple of weeks my daughter and I have been in Europe seeking out and sharing our tastiest GF finds.

But honestly, aside from a shockingly good GF pizza in Split, Croatia, the most exciting food I’ve enjoyed lately is fried chicken from my hometown of San Francisco, California. Served at a charming, fast-casual mini-chain called Proposition Chicken, it’s the real deal at its best, without the gluten of course. 

I was so excited that Proposition Chicken shared the recipe with me, my editor extraordinaire Cindy Rice and I immediately hopped into our kitchens to test it and ensure the recipe works just as well at home as it does in the restaurant’s NorCal locations. Happily, it does. 

Below I share a bit more about it and how to get the recipe right now. Because anytime is the right time for great GF fried chicken, fried chicken sandwiches, or chicken strips!

The Best Gluten-Free Fried Chicken

gf fried chicken

This must-make fried chicken recipe gets its fantastically juicy interior and crispy exterior through the process of frying the chicken twice, once at a lower temperature and once at a higher temperature with a brief rest in between.

But there is nothing complicated about the process and the results—mind-blowing, epic, ultra-crispy, perfectly seasoned fried chicken—are totally worth the effort. 

To maximize your payoff for setting up the chicken-coating mixes and heating a big pot of oil, make a double batch and invite some friends. Add a salad or two and some festive beverages and it’s a party. Get the recipe

May 10, 2022

I hope you’re well. Here in San Francisco, we’re navigating the fickle spring weather that bounces between warm and sunny days and winter-like days. But it hasn’t stopped me from getting excited about fantastic vegetable-forward side dishes perfect for outdoor festivities or tonight’s dinner. The best part? They’re so easy to make and satisfying, sometimes I just make a meal of them. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini with Quinoa and Feta

Super simple and flavorful with great texture, this colorful side goes perfectly with grilled meats or fish and is also a healthy, satisfying light main course on its own. Try it once and it’ll likely be a new favorite. Get the recipe

Roasted Cauliflower with Caper Vinaigrette, Walnuts, and Golden Raisins

This is a recipe that may get you feeling creative with your own cauliflower preparations. The caramelization of the cauliflower makes it seem fantastically decadent, while toppings of capers, a Dijon vinaigrette, toasted walnuts, and golden raisins add exciting texture and flavors. Whenever I make this, people ask for the recipe. I bet the same will happen to you.  Get the recipe

Chickpea Tabbouleh Salad

This perky, easy-breezy salad is ready in about the time it takes to open a can of chickpeas. It’s perfect for a quick picnic side or light lunch. It’s also packed with fiber and protein and will keep well in the fridge for several days. Get the recipe

Burmese Ginger Salad

Its simple looks belie the spectacular flavors and texture of this Southeast Asian-inspired salad from the folks behind one of my favorite San Francisco restaurants, Burma Superstar. Get the recipe

Roasted Red Potato Salad with Whole-Grain Mustard Dressing

Roasting potatoes for potato salad gives a whole new (and better, in my opinion) dimension to the classic picnic dish. A mustard vinaigrette and lots of green onion elevate the flavor profile. Bonus: this salad can sit out for hours on the table without concerns of spoiling.  Get the recipe

April 26, 2022

It’s my birthday this week, and this got me thinking about gluten-free cake. We’ve come a long way since the days of grainy, dry, bland, crumbly options of yesteryear. And I’m so grateful for it. Even before the great GF cake revolution, I saw no point in eating mediocre anything. But now that there are options for GF, DF, even GF/DF/vegan cakes worth devouring, we truly can have our cake and eat it to.

So, here’s to killer cakes, including the GF/DF chocolate almond cake below. I’ll be biting into some iteration of that on my big day—with seasonal fruit on top!

1-2-3-4 Cake with Classic Buttercream Frosting

This classic two-layer vanilla cake should be a go-to for birthdays and celebrations. Fluffy, moist, and easy to make, it’s topped with a swirly buttercream frosting. The recipe also makes fabulous cupcakes. Get the recipe

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

You’ve gotta love bundt cakes. Heavy, moist, and promising more glaze coverage for each piece than round cakes, this luscious chocolatey version is delicious and is refined sugar-free. The shiny glaze is super simple to make and gets poured over the cooled cake for instant decoration. Get the recipe

Vegan, Gluten-Free Chocolate-Almond Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream and Berries

This gorgeous, sophisticated chocolate cake is beloved at my house and easily adaptable to accommodate various flavor additions, provided you keep the liquid and dry ingredients measurements the same. Pillows of whipped coconut cream between the layers give the cake a wonderful balance of texture and sweetness. Garnish with colorful berries to take it over the top. Get the recipe

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Oh, how I love this cake. It’s so pretty! But also, rhubarb! Now in season and available at farmer’s markets and grocery stores, it’s got tartness to it that beautifully contrasts the light sweetness of the olive oil cake batter poured on top of it. Fancy-simple—how fun! Get the recipe

The Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mixes

Sometimes, okay often, cake mix does the trick. If you want to spend more time decorating the cake than actually making it, check out our roundup of the best gluten-free chocolate cake mixes here.

April 18, 2022

I hope you had an excellent holiday weekend. I also hope you’re ready to brighten up your spring menu planning, because we’ve got all things asparagus coming your way.

The fibrous vegetable epitomizes the season, looks good on the plate, and is in its annual prime right now. Best of all, it’s delicious as a vibrant component of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try any or all of the following recipes to take advantage of the goodness that is asparagus.

Also, this is the last chance to enter our three-day Instagram giveaway, which ends tonight! Go to our page and look for posts featuring MYBREAD, Nima Partners, and Canyon Bakehouse and follow the steps to enter.

Caramelized Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tatin

This fancy-looking and delicious appetizer or light lunch is super-easy to make thanks to store-bought GF puff pastry. Premade GF pie dough also works well. Get the recipe

Crispy Soft-Boiled Eggs and Olive Oil-Poached Asparagus with Cambozola Crema

Featuring poached asparagus, amazingly doable crispy fried eggs, a rich, cheesy sauce, and crunchy prosciutto bits, this decadent brunch dish is everything!  Get the recipe

White Bean and Asparagus Salad with Asiago Frico

White Bean and Asparagus Salad

Full of color, flavor and texture, this salad is quick and easy to put together. Don’t skip the cheesy crisps (aka “fricos”) to top it off; they’re worth making and can stand on their own as a tasty snack. Get the recipe

Asparagus Pesto Pasta

Asparagus Pesto Pasta Gluten Free

Behold a weeknight-easy and company-worthy pasta. The combination of lemon, fresh basil, asparagus, and pine nuts makes for a vibrant, textural experience. Get the recipe

April 5, 2022

How’s your spring? Here at our GFF San Francisco headquarters (i.e. my house), tulips are in bloom, Golden Gate Park exploration is getting less bone-chilling, and I’m starting my Passover and Easter planning (we celebrate everything).

This means it’s time for spring baking, so I happily offer up options to bring as a guest, serve as a host, or just nibble on whenever you feel like it. 

Get in the kitchen and make any or all of these and I promise you’ll be glad you did. 

Spoiler alert: I’ve shared the irresistible Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Citrus cake again because trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve bitten into that easy, ridiculously good cake. 

Mom’s Classic Carrot Cake with Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Icing

Every Easter dinner needs a good carrot cake as the grand finale. Here is a classic version, from Flourcraft Bakery and Café in Mill Valley, California, with two sturdy layers of moist, warmly spiced cake topped with clouds of vanilla bean cream cheese icing. Keep the sides “naked” for a more modern-looking cake. Get the recipe

Ginger Lemon Bars with Coconut-Flour Crust

gluten free dessert bars

Vibrant, tangy, velvety, and decadent, lemon bars add zingy brightness to the end of any meal. Bonus: they’re easy to make, can be made ahead, and travel well. Get the recipe

Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Citrus Cake

Our editor Cindy Rice makes this cake every year at Passover. I make it frequently when I’m tasked with bringing a dessert to a dinner. Far from your everyday flourless chocolate cake, this rustic beauty has a crackly, slightly crisped top and a light, soft, airy, rich, and ultra-chocolatey inside. It comes together quickly with minimal ingredients, too. Serve it with warm with dollops of lightly sweetened whipped cream. Get the recipe

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Almond Cookies

Oh these flourless cookies. Moist, chewy, pretty, and so flavorful, they get a triple boost of almond from almond paste, almond extract, and sliced almonds. Perfect for Passover or anytime, these portable treats are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Get the recipe

March 1, 2022

Millet is a nutritional powerhouse; it’s high in protein, fiber, and the minerals iron, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, and copper.

It can be used as a whole grain in a soft, powdery flour form, and is mild, buttery, grassy and slightly bitter in flavor, which means it’s at its best when combined with other GF flours. 

Its versatility makes it a great option for savory and sweet cooking, as evidenced by the fantastic recipes below. 

Ricotta Chive Biscuits

These amazingly delicious biscuits have a scone-like texture with pillowy middles and crispy edges. They are wonderful on their own or as the perfect side for sopping up soups and stews–and, they are super-easy and fun to make. Get the recipe

Millet Taboulleh Salad

Crispy, crunchy, fresh, and loaded with good stuff, this easy salad brings combines the fluffy character of cooked millet with the snap of fresh vegetables. Get the recipe.

Cheesy Millet Risotto Cakes

Like fried risotto, only with millet, these delicious warm-cheese-filled discs are fantastic as a snack, appetizer, or main course. Get the recipe.

Lemon Sheet Cake with Lemon Cream-Cheese Frosting

Lemony and buttery this luscious frosted sheet-cake is a wonderful make-ahead dessert that works equally well for a tea party, potluck dinner, or family snack time. Get the recipe

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  1. Ooooooh! I want to win the cinnamon rolls and/or pretzels for my 10y.o. who never gets to partake in those!

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