“I LOVE LOVE LOVE GFF! The best thing I get in the mail!”

— Chris G., Fairfax, California

“I love to cook and it’s been such a huge learning curve, however with all the encouragement I get from you magazine I’m finally feeling I’m beating this challenge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Diane T., Richland, Washington

“GFF is a vital part of my meal planning. I anxiously await each issue and read them from cover to cover. The recipes are exceptional and most helpful to those of us who have a loved one with Celiac Disease. My husband really appreciates all the efforts of your labor.”

— Diana J, P., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Your magazine helped me transition into GF cooking without the stresses that come from having to work with unfamiliar ingredient and techniques.”

— Carolyn G., Wainscott, New York

“LOVE your magazine – it’s a visual and gastronomic treat to receive!”

— Judy A., Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for your beautiful magazine, I am so happy that it exists! I am a big fan! The magazine is so beautiful and all of the issues from the past year grace my coffee table and I actually re-read them, I never do this with other publications. I have been gluten free (Celiac Disease) for 22 years and I am now 28 years old and about to marry a gluten-eating foodie. I am always so excited to see the city you will feature because it makes my gluten-free world seem so much bigger. My fiancé and I thank you for contributing to our weekend getaway bucket list.”

— Laura H., Grand Rapids, Michigan

“You all do such a marvelous job with the magazine. I always find 3-4 recipes in each issue that I just have to make.”

— Sue B., Chicago, Illinois

“I’m telling everybody I know about you guys!!! I just love your magazine and the recipes are amazing!”

— Susan L., Sweetwater, New Jersey

“I have loved all of your product recommendations. Our family has found them to be “spot on.”

— Lisa F., West Chester, Pennsylvania

I found out (in my forties!) that I’m celiac. I did SCD and AIP paleo for several years, but now I’m reintroducing some grains and GFF is making me excited to cook again. It’s by far the best gluten free magazine out there. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS, and yay!”

— Laurel W, San Francisco, California

“I have been gluten free for over 5 years now & purchased every magazine & cookbook I can find. Yours, by far, is the most beautiful & enticing I have found. It feels like Bon Appetit.”

— Leah O., Yuba City, California

“I purchased your magazine for my daughter in law at Christmas. I also ordered her a subscription. She received her first issue in the mail this week. Much to her surprise, as well as mine, she received a hand writtennote telling her it was a gift from me!! Not only that, but it was mailed in a hand-addressed envelope!!! I can’t express my surprise and pleasure at the way this gift was handled. Customer service, many times, is lacking But your magazine is outstanding in publishing as well as your customer service. I will definitely spread the word! I Just wanted to say thank you!”

— Janis S., Nacogdoches, Texas

“I just received my box of back issues, and I have been standing in my kitchen mesmerized by the first issue off the stack…just like the last issue I received. I haven’t sat down since your box arrived. Your magazines are my favorite! The recipes are the best! Your magazine makes me feel normal again. It’s not about the disease but all the good food we get to eat, and that’s the positive focus. I get tired of reading about being sick. I just want to focus on good food.”

— Micki C., Evans, Georgia

“I absolutely love this magazine. Ever since I went gluten free (life changing, no kidding), I’ve had some trouble with ideas. This magazine has been a great resource. “

— Sara B., Clark, New Jersey

“I love your magazine. It is by far the best GF magazine I have subscribed to.”

— Carol H., Oak Park, Illinois

“I have really been amazed at how the quality of our dinners has bumped up, plus we’re stretching our ingredient base – all while spending somehow less at the market. Thanks again for your wonderful work.”

— Scott O., Sebastopol, CA

I love [GFF], I really do. It’s of the utmost quality and the recipes are fabulous. I spend about a month in Washington each year, so I look out for some of the products you advertise when visiting. I love to try new GF things.”

— Isabel O., Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland