GFF Magazine’s Great 14-Day Giveaway 2019


Welcome to our 2019 holiday giveaway! Each year we partner with my favorite brands to give you the chance to win the very best GF deliciousness– for 14 DAYS STRAIGHT! We’ll give away one awesome prize (or more!) everyday from December 1 to midnight on December 14, so scroll to see all the fantastic prizes and enter every day for more chances to win! Randomly selected winners will be announced here on 12/15/19. Good luck!

Erika Lenkert
Editor, GFF Magazine

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December 1:  Canyon Bakehouse Bread Bonanza  

I love Canyon Bakehouse so much, I always have a loaf or two in the fridge and freezer. They’re simply a sure-thing for fresh-out-of-the oven flavor and texture rarely found in GF breads. So, I’m excited that the lucky winner of this prize will receive a Canyon Bakehouse extravaganza, including wholesome sandwich breads, English muffins, and more!
Prize Value: $150
Learn more about Canyon Bakehouse


December 2: Cup4Cup Epic Baking Collection

World-famous chef Thomas Keller makes sure everyone in his restaurants is catered to beyond their wildest dreams. This dedication to greatness inspired his kitchen to create epic gluten-free flour, which was the first one I started using that actually worked when baking GF! (It’s also the one most chefs use for their GF creations.) Now his Cup4Cup line includes baking mixes, which are also 100-percent GF and awesome. The winner of this prize will receive every mix they make!
Prize Value: $110
Learn more about Cup4Cup


December 3: Mariposa Baking Company Gift Box 

There are a number of goodies I’m obsessed with at Mariposa Baking Company, located in my hometown of San Francisco and nearby Oakland. (Hello Penguinos and coffee cake!) You simply won’t find a larger array of fantastic freshly baked breads, cookies, pies, and more. One lucky winner will taste why they reign supreme in the Bay with three gift boxes of 100-percent GF treats, including their Pecan Pie GiftChocolate Lovers Gift Set, and Half a Dozen Brownies Gift Set.
Total Value of Prizes: $129
Learn more about Mariposa Baking Company


December 4: Athens Foods Brand New GF Phyllo Bites + an Air Fryer 

What? Gluten-free phyllo? It’s a holiday miracle! When I got my hands on Athens Foods new gluten-free phyllo bites and baked up a batch, I had to defend my share from Junior Editor Viva, who instantly became obsessed with the spinach and cheese versions. But one lucky winner will have plenty to go around with this prize featuring all 3 varieties (spinach & cheese, buffalo-style chicken, & steak fiesta) plus a Ninja Air Fryer!  
Prize Value: $150
Learn more about Athens Foods


December 5: Peoni Luxurious Pure and Nurturing Skincare Regime 

This Peoni skincare regime became my one-and-only the second I tried it three years ago. From Canadian skincare expert Jennifer Brodeur of JB SkinGuru, it’s gentle and totally effective in creating a luminous, youthful face. (No wonder Oprah looks to Jennifer for skincare advice!) This lucky winner of this prize scores the complete regimen–a cleanser, toner, anti-inflammatory hydrating oil, and a light but powerful daily moisturizer–all of which are free of toxins, artificial fragrances, and gluten and made with  organic ingredients.
Prize Value: $395  
Learn more about  JB SkinGuru and Peoni 


December 6:  Schär Classic Baked Goods Collection  

When I traveled through Europe last summer, Schär was my savior. Their astounding array of products is available everywhere, and nearly every restaurant welcomed us with warm Schär rolls. Thankfully, they’re more accessible than ever in the U.S., which makes me particularly happy because I can’t get enough of their Twix-like Chocolix and ciabatta rolls. For today’s prize one lucky winner will score a Schär bounty. 
Prize Value: $100 
Learn more about  Schär  


December 7:   Sans Bakery Spectacular 

Sans Bakery is a NYC treasure with GF (and sometimes vegan!) baked goods that are so delicious, they make me involuntarily exclaim things like “Holy Mother!” when I bite into them. (Their brownies and lamingtons are genuine obsessions.) I’m excited to share the sentiment with one lucky winner who will score the Vegan Gift BoxAssorted Cookies and Bars Gift Box, and Assorted Cookies Gift Box
Total Value of Prizes: $150 
Learn more about Sans Bakery 


December 8: Nima Sensor + Gluten Capsules

The Nima Sensor is a nifty gadget that fits in your purse or pocket and can quickly test your food at home or on the go to verify that it is gluten-free. (I used it all over Europe and also use it at local restaurants!) Designed and tested by MIT scientists, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to take precautions against unexpected gluten contamination. One lucky winner scores a Nima Sensor and 6-pack Gluten Capsules
Prize Value: $289 
Learn more about Nima 


December 9: Forno de Minas Cheese-Roll Spectacular

Too bad we don’t all live in Brazil. Then we could easily access the traditional, cheesy, soft and fluffy deliciousness of Pão de Queijo or Brazilian cheese bread. But thanks to Forno de Minas foods, when I need an easy-entertaining bite, I can access the cheesy round bites in the frozen section of many grocers. For today’s prize, one lucky winner will get a whole cheese-bread party delivered, including 2 packs of rolls, 2 packs of sticks, a gorgeous wooden bowl and serving tongs plus additional shipment of Forno deliciousness later in 2020.
Prize Value:  $100
Learn more about Forno de Minas 


December 10:  Coconut Bliss Heavenly Assortment Plus Fun Swag 

Thank goodness for Coconut Bliss, who helps make it easy for those of us who don’t eat dairy to enjoy real-deal delicious ice-cream-like frozen desserts. (I regularly scoop their vanilla flavor over homemade crisps when I host my book club.) The flavors and texture of their plant-based ice creams are fantastic. One lucky winner can Bliss themselves to their heart’s content with today’s prize featuring 12 free-product coupons, redeemable at your local supermarket, plus a bounty of awesome CB swag.  
Prize Value: $140 
Learn More about Coconut Bliss 


December 11:  Etalia Fantasy Pizza Experience

NY-based GFF editor Cindy Rice turned me on to Etalia’s frozen pizzas and I couldn’t be more grateful. These are other-level; organic, rising-crust, chewy, crispy, artisan, and so real-deal, they’re hoard-worthy. But one lucky winner will score enough to share, as in 4 Margherita pizzas, 2 Verdura (veggie) pizzas and 2 Nudo pizzas (aka “nude” for designing your own creations), and 2 pizza screens! Pizzas arrive frozen and can be baked in a 500°F oven with the included pizza screens.
Prize Value: $150 
Learn more about Etalia Pizza 


December 12:  Kinnikinnick Festive Hamper

Kinnikinnick regularly rescues me when I need GF/DF/practically-everything-else-F snacks for friends, children, or just myself. This season they’re out to save us all from the hassle of holiday recipe planning with their “Festive Hamper“. It features an ecookbook, GF/DF ingredients, and recipes for GF turkey, stuffing, turkey gravy, broccoli white-cheddar casserole, angel food cake, Black Forest trifle, tiramisu, Christmas vanilla wafers, a gingerbread house, and more. Six lucky winners will score this uber-tasty prize.
Total Value of Prizes: $360 ($60 each) 
Learn more about Kinnikinnick


December 13: GF Cookbook Lover’s Collection 

While I can and do create my own recipes for, I’m even better at finding and working with the best GF recipe creators. This year, several of my favorite people have their own cookbooks out, so I’m excited share with one lucky winner four must-have books of GF-cooking awesomeness (Cannelle et Vanille, Alternative Baker (signed by the author!), No Crumbs Left, and Gluten-Free Baking at Home) plus 6 back issues of GFF Magazine.
Prize Value: $180


December 14: Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa Luxury Mid-Week Getaway with Dinner

I’ve been visiting the luxurious Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa since my early years as a travel writer, and the stunning Sonoma Wine Country property keeps getting better. Along with natural thermal mineral springs, pools, and a top-notch spa, they have fabulously country-chic rooms dotting their expansive grounds and an elegant California-French restaurant. Today’s lucky prize winner scores a 2-night mid-week stay plus a 3-course dinner for two at their restaurant, Santé (alcohol not included).
Prize Value$1,095
Prize is non-transferrable and must be used by 12/31/20. Transportation not included.
Learn more about the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa and Santé Restaurant 

Thanks for your interest in this year’s giveaway! Don’t forget to enter every day and every way for more chances to win!

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  1. So excited about the 14 day giveaway!!! Thank you GFF mag! You all are AWESOME!

  2. This prize looks like a dream come true!! Many of the items, I am un familiar with. We live 60 miles outside of Houston Texas, so I order many items to be delivered.
    Thank you.

  3. Oooh! I will need to find Etalia’s in my area! Thank you for sharing these great companies!

  4. Canyon Bake House breads are the best! Use them all the time and make my own bread crumbs with them. Made my cornbread dressing with part Canyon Bake House bread crumbs and it was delicious. No one knew that the entire dish was gluten free.

  5. This is so very exciting and inspiring! I cross my fingers for myself and am making a beeline for gf phyllo!! (And dreaming of a spa day)

  6. how exciting for the holidays…some of my GF favorites and new items as well

  7. Many great prizes!! I love all the food items which are available to sample as well as the skin care products. The NIMA sensor is awesome!!

  8. Looking forward to the results of the prize give away. Excitement mounts!

  9. WOWWW!!! Thank You For This Wonderful Contest! Lots Of Fantastic Prizes!!
    Happy Holiday’s To All!

  10. OMG what fabulous prizes (especially that December 14th one!). Thank you so much for doing this. Good luck to everyone.

  11. I am new to Gluten-Free and had concerns of choice and taste of food – but – it has been great and I feel so much healthier. I joined the GFF to see what is new and what is out there! WOW, just a fab site and mag – no excuse not to go gluten-free as there is so much choice and the recipes are fantastic.

  12. Gluten free phyllo. Really? I’ve been wanting it for yrs. but didn’t think anyone would ever make it. Can’t wait to try it!

  13. AMAZING! Thank you for rounding up the best of the gf world for us!

  14. I love that their products are gluten free and a large variety of products.

  15. I love all of these prizes. I have recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and am just learning my way around this new lifestyle. These products look wonderful!

  16. WOW!! Looks like so many great GF options! Thx for the chance! I love a few of these brands and look forward to trying the others!

  17. I love today’s prize because I have 5 grandsons that I love to bake for. They would love it too.

  18. I would love that they are gluten free and they are easy to prepare. They really look tasty too.

  19. Athens Foods – GF pydo – greak tasty bits…oh I missed those. yum.

  20. Great giveaway! Air fryers are so healthy for you! Less oil n better flavor!

  21. i love that Schar is great for people that have celiac or prone to celiac, they have a great product line. follow then on instagram already.

  22. Great prizes!! I have always enjoyed the publication and everything in it. the travel recommendations are always appreciated and entice me to go to all the places!!

    Keep up the great job. How can I support your website?

    Thanks, Sherry

  23. This is so awesome what you folks are doing in having such a great giveaway. We thank you for the chance. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  24. Any one of these prizes would be fantastic. Canyon Breads are the best gf breads. Would welcome some of the other prizes as I am not familiar with some of the other products. Some difficult to find and a taste test is always good! Bon Chance!

  25. i love the Nima Sensor because it will help me stay gluten free, i wont get an upset stomach or have problems from eating something that has gluten in it. thank you.

  26. Each year we are getting better Gluten Free items. Thank you for bringing new items to my attention. Loved your Magazine.

  27. I would love to win any of these! Access to gluten free products where I live is scarce!

  28. What amazing giveaways. Tha k you so much for the opportunity to participate .

  29. This would be a dream come true at our house! I am struggling to survive on a $300 pension and my friend is on disability from work. He was just diagnosed allergic to gluten and we scramble to find affordable options for his eating. As he is prone to say, the gluten-free food is fine to live on, if you’re a millionaire!

  30. My daughter is a vegetarian these pizzas would be perfect for family pizza movie night! The Etalia pizzas look delish!

  31. I really enjoy reading about new GF products in the give away. Looking for the phyllo cups!!


  32. This has everthing you need for a feast for the holidays! Kinnikinnick Festive Hamper has all the fixin’s for a complete Holiday meal. And even an ecookbook to put it all together! Fantastic Prize!

  33. I would love to win this getaway as we need a break and we have never been to a winery

  34. Aw, thank you, Sherry. I so appreciate that. Just keep coming back–and refer your friends. That’s a huge help to us, as are the kind words.

  35. It’s truly our pleasure, Alexandra! Thanks for writing and showing gratitude. It made our day!

  36. I scrolled through but I am not seeing the list of winners. Congrats to them! They were all fabulous prize packages of awesome products!

  37. Hi! The giveaway widget now lists the first names of the winners. Let me know if you can’t find it!

  38. Sorry! Click on the “Enter the Giveaway” widget and the names will appear.

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