Product Review: Ethel’s Gluten-Free Dessert Bars

If you have perused Whole Foods, perhaps you’ve seen Ethel’s gluten-free dessert bars. If you haven’t, you should. Ethel’s makes a variety of bars: Pecan Dandy, Blondie, Brownie, Cinnamon Crumble, Raspberry Crumble, Turtle Dandy.

They’re available in a wide variety of locations around the U.S., including some Whole Foods and Starbucks, which we think is a pretty big deal. Why? Well, consider how often you crave a fantastic, readymade GF treat when you’re out in the world and how difficult it is to find one! Not to mention they come in a 9-ounce container of several servings or individually wrapped 2.4-ounce single servings. 

Better still, they’re consistently wonderful. Moist, super flavorful with great texture, and sizable, they deliver in every way. And they’re portable and wrapped to stay fresh for a long time, which is almost ironic since they’re impossible to resist. 

Expect a buttery, flaky base, moist, flavorful toppings, and, depending on the flavor, expertly balancing sugar and salt (the key to epic dessert in our opinion). And they’re certified GF, too. We’ve tried them all (dozens of times, just to make sure we love them as much as we think we do—wink, wink).

For the crumbles, expect a thin jammy layer sandwiched between a flaky, buttery base and a classic crumble topping. 

For the Dandies: A thick, flaky, buttery base plus delicious, chewy caramel and nuts (plus chocolate for the turtle version).

Brownies and blondies: perfect fudgy-cakey texture and bold flavor. 

WHERE TO BUY: See their store locator or shop online




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