Product Review: Glutino Gluten Free Bagel Chips Original (No longer available)

Glutino Gluten Free Bagel Chips have a special place in our hearts because they are just the thing for a cheese platter. Sturdy enough to handle spreading of soft and even mildly hard cheeses, perfectly sized for popping in your mouth, and pleasingly and subtle in flavor, they’re the foundation of our cheese offerings and are wonderful with brie and a dab of raspberry or other jam. (We also like melting cheese on them and floating them in soup!) We lean toward the Original flavor, rather than the Parmesan Garlic one, in order to let whatever we top it with be the star. 

INGREDIENTS: Water, tapioca starch, canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil, egg whites, corn starch, potato starch, cane sugar, cellulose powder, salt, glucono-delta-lactone, guar gum, yeast, pectin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium alginate, modified cellulose 




4 Comments on “Product Review: Glutino Gluten Free Bagel Chips Original (No longer available)”

  1. No idea! It’s a shame. I loved the bagel chips. I have to guess they weren’t selling well enough. Otherwise, they’d keep making them!

  2. Shoot! I loved these! Used them in my chex party mix all the time. Now I’ll have to figure something else out.

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