Product Review: Tinkyáda Brown Rice Pasta Lasagne

We’ve tried all the gluten free lasagna noodles we could get our hands on, and Tinkyáda Brown Rice Pasta Lasagne is delicious. But more important, it’s the sturdiest one we’ve come across, which means there’s less breakage in the package (we’ve found this to be a problem with other brands) and more likelihood that, once boiled in water and drained, it will pull apart and still remain intact. Another win: the strips are long, so you don’t have to piece too many of them together to make a nice big lasagna. If you have leftovers, reheat them before enjoying, as the noodles tend to get a bit rubbery and stiff when cold.

WHERE TO BUY: or most well-stocked grocery stores

INGREDIENTS: Brown rice, rice bran, and water





REVIEW DATE: October 2016

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  1. Tinkyáda pastas have the best texture and they hold together well if not cooked too far. My mother found these years ago when my father was diagnosed with Celiac. She was ahead of her time since there were so few GF products around in the late 90’s.

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