The Gluten-Free Power Chicks of 2017

If you’ve had trouble finding reliable GF recipes and an equally comforting community, I know the feeling. I spent fourteen years happily eating to the beat of my own GF drumstick before starting this magazine with a goal of showing how easy it is to eat world-class and GF when you know what recipes to cook and what products to buy.

But even then, the GF good life wasn’t always simple. As a longtime cookbook author and recipe developer who mostly shops the supermarket perimeter, I’ve always been comfortable with intrinsically-GF farm-to-table cooking. But baking? Not so much. So when I launched GFF Magazine, I went on a national hunt for the gluten-free gang I could tap when I needed details on how to make an awesome GF pizza dough, GF/DF piecrust, or perfect sugar cookie.

I tried and tossed a lot of bad recipes before I found my people. But I did find them, and I’ve listed them here just for you. With a variety of tastes and cooking styles, if you follow their leads, you can skip the kitchen saga and go straight to the good stuff. Because life’s way too short to eat mediocre food.

Happy Reading & Eating!


(GFF founder / editor)

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Aran Goyoaga
Basque-born, Photographer, Prop Addict, Cake Enthusiast

Despite going to business school and receiving her M.B.A., Basque-born-and-raised Aran Goyoaga was compelled to switch gears and attend culinary school. Thank goodness. Now the self-taught photographer, stylist, and author of the GF cookbook, Small Plates & Sweet Treats teaches classes and workshops in both and regularly regales us all with gorgeous, delicious seasonal gluten-free recipes on her culinary blog, Cannelle et Vanille. The fact that it’s been nominated for two James Beard awards for Best Personal Blog is icing on the GF cake.

Click here for Aran’s gorgeous Gluten-Free Pear and Hazelnut Frangipane Tart recipe!




Kyra Bussanich
Cupcake Warrior, Glittery, Sugar Plum Fairy, Whip-Smart, Confectioner, Pastry Chef, and Dog Lover

If you’re ever craving GF sweetness, Kyra is your girl. A gluten-free graduate of Le Cordon Bleu patisserie program, Kyra taught herself to create spectacular GF versions of classic pastries she’d studied in class, then went on to become the only four-time winner of the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” competition. The owner of lip-smacking and 100% gluten-free  Kyra’s Bake Shop, outside of Portland, Oregon, she shares decadent recipes for sweet treats on her personal website and is the author of the cookbook, Sweet Cravings. 

Try Kyra’s Gluten-Free Browned Butter Cranberry Cheer Bar recipe right here!




Meg van der Kruik
Designer, Artist, Vegetarian/Sometimes Vegan, Bakery-Raised, Southern Roots, Antique Collector

If you aren’t a fan already, allow us to introduce you to Meg, a SoCal-based designer, artist, recipe developer, and photographer, who became a food blogger when she found out her son was gluten and dairy intolerant. Her husband is a vegetarian, and everyone in her house has a different dietary need, hence her fabulous online food destination Beard and Bonnet, which is loaded with wonderful recipes and stunning photography. Meg’s collaborative textile designs with her husband Todd have been exhibited at a number of venues, including Parson’s School of Design in NYC. How cool is that?

Click here to get Meg’s awesome Gluten-Free Crispy Shallot and Herb Naan recipe.


Beth Manos Brickey
 Yogi, Nutritional Therapist, Conscientious Omnivore, Champion of Sea Salt, Real/Whole Food Based, Intuitive Eater + Cook
Beth, our fave SoCal-based clean-food warrior and author of the Tasty Yummies blog, creates nourishing meals made from largely plant-based whole foods that are gluten and dairy free. She encourages her readers to choose foods and activities that will nourish both body and soul, as she began to do after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Her recipes have been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, America’s Test Kitchen, Huffington Post, GFF Magazine and others. Beth also hosts yoga and wellness retreats, and is beginning her practice as a Certified Nutrional Therapist.
Click here for Beth’s Slow Roasted Salmon with Meyer Lemon Gremolata recipe!


Shauna Ahern, the Gluten-Free Girl
Writer, Gluten-Free Comfort Cooking Champion, Voice of the Conscientious Modern Woman

It’s impossible not to feel something when reading Shauna’s Gluten-Free Girl posts. Elation, gratitude, sympathetic frustration, sadness…nothing is off limits with this honest voice of humanity, cooking, motherhood, good citizenry, and thriving with Celiac Disease. A born scribe, Shauna was an English teacher, screenplay editor, tutor to child actors, and book editor before becoming a full-time writer. After publishing her first book, she met a chef named Danny, now her husband, business partner, and co-author on three cookbooks and her website. Together, they’e won a James Beard award and they teach cooking classes online via Craftsy. Shauna is currently working on her fifth book.
Click here for Shauna’s Gluten-Free Grain-Free Biscuits Recipe!


K.C. Cornwell
Farm-Grown Product Specialist, Storyteller, Heirloom Tomato Enthusiast, Formulator

A fifth generation member of a California farming family and a longtime friend, colleague, and champion of GFF, K.C. has spent her life and career in food and wine. Since she literally grew up eating farm to table, K.C. thrives on creating simple recipes featuring in-season produce. One of the most connected people we know in the GF community, she’s a conduit to all things and all people as well as the GF curator for subscription snack box company, Love With Food. You can check out the latest from her on her G-Free Foodie website, and perhaps catch her hosting GF events for Whole Foods Market.

Get KC’s tasty Gluten-Free Salmon Dynamite recipe here!


Alanna Taylor-Tobin
Recovering pastry chef-turned food photographer, cookbook author, and brilliance behind the blog Bojon Gourmet 
It’s not easy to make outstanding GF baked goods, but Alanna makes the challenge doable and downright exciting with her wholesome approach to crafting world-class baked goods that celebrate alternative flours and seasonal ingredients. A graduate of baking and pastry at Tante Marie’s in San Francisco, she worked as a baker, pastry cook, pastry chef, caterer and personal chef for many years before working full-time on her blog, recipes and food photography, which you will find regularly in each issue of GFF Magazine. 

Order a signed copy of Alanna’s awesome cookbook, Alternative Baker: Reinventing Dessert with Gluten-Free Grains and Flours, here.

 Nicole Hunn
Budget Conscious Gluten-Free Copycat-Recipe Artist and Inventive, Approachable Homestyle Baker
If you crave anything that usually includes gluten, Nicole has the recipe for it! Nicole started her Gluten-Free on a Shoestring after being laid off as a corporate attorney in 2009. One of her sons needs to eat gluten-free, and Nicole found it was expensive and time-consuming to prepare two meals for her family so she set out to prepare meals for the whole family that wouldn’t break the bank. Nicole’s motto is, “If they can make it with gluten, we can make it without,” so she creates copycat recipes of restaurant favorites and packaged goods made without gluten. Nicole is the author of five books, including the recently released Gluten-Free Small Bites, which we happen to love.

Check out Nicole’s Gluten-Free Miniature Mac and Cheese Cups recipe here!

Photo credits:
Kyra Bussanich portrait: Nicole Wagner
Meg van der Kruik portrait: Haley Hunt Davis
Shauna Ahern portrait: Aran Goyoaga
KC Cornwell portrait: Katie Roletto for Love With Food
Alanna Taylor-Tobin portrait: Shelley Eades
Nicole Hunn portrait: Stephen Scott Gross

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