Frozen Faves: The Best Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza to Buy

Forget the sad excuses for the real glutenous deal. We baked, sliced, and bit into more than twenty frozen gluten-free frozen pizzas to bring you the best gluten-free frozen pizzas to buy. So behold the best gluten-free cheese pizzas worthy of your dough. Available nationwide and ready to be reheated, these are the gluten-free cheese pizzas that help you do pizza night right.

By Erin Ng

Against the Grain Gourmet Three Cheese Pizza
Flaky, buttery, grain-free crust (tapioca starch) with a zesty sauce and loads of mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. $12.49 per 12-inch pizza.

California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Margherita Pizza
A familiar thin crust (brown rice and tapioca flours) loaded with tomatoes, cheese, and sweet basil. $7.99 per 10-inch pizza.

BOLD Organics Vegan Cheese Pizza
Vegan and organic with thick, crispy-chewy pizza-bread-like crust (brown rice flour and yellow cornmeal) and tangy-spicy sauce. $8.99 per 10-inch pizza.

Freschetta Gluten Free Thin & Crispy Four Cheese Medley Pizza
Light and crunchy thin crust (rice flour) with mozzarella, asiago, fontina, and Parmesan and good flavor. $9.99 per 11-inch pizza.

Udi’s Three Cheese Pizza
Reminiscent of Totino’s Party Pizza; crunchy, thin crust (brown rice flour) and lots of mozzarella, jack, and Parmesan. $9.19 per 9-inch pizza.

Spinato’s Mozzarella Cheese Pizza
Crispy crust (white rice and sweet rice flour) with a tasty, sweet tomato-and-herb sauce. $7.99 per 9-inch pizza.

Cappello’s Cheese Pizza
Chewy grain-free crust (arrowroot and organic coconut flour) with crispy edges and freshly-made- pizza flavor. $9.99 per 10- inch pizza.

Venice Bakery Gluten Free Cheese Pizza
Focaccia-like crust (rice, potato, and tapioca flours) with fragrant, herbaceous bite. $5.99 per 8-inch pizza.

Etalia Margherita Pizza
Real deal rising, bubbly, artisan crust with tangy, homemade-tasting sauce; family size; organic ingredients, non-GMO, no preservatives. $64/4-pack, shipped using recyclable materials and dry ice.

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10 Comments on “Frozen Faves: The Best Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza to Buy”

  1. Assume these are all US brands. I’ve tried CPK GF pizza in Vegas and it was delicious so their frozen pizza is probably good, but absolutely nothing compares to OGGI’s (Quebec made). It is thicker and tastes like a gourmet glutinous pizza.

  2. Yes, these are US brands. But we’re always looking for others to discuss, so thanks for the tip on OGGI’s. We’ll keep an eye out for it during our travels!

  3. I recently tried Sonoma Flatbread gluten free cheese pizza and it was very good.

  4. I think one of the problems here is that taste is subjective, right?

    I had the CPK GF pizza at one of their restaurants and gagged- it was

    I personally LOVED Di Giorno’s Ultra Thin GF 4 cheese pizza. SO DELISH!!!
    Best part? Relatively lower in carbs and calories than other GF pizzas, but not
    sacrificing on taste. Unfortunately, I can’t find Di Giorno’s GF pizza anymore :(.

    Just because I want GF, doesn’t mean I want a ton of carbs and starch. I wish there
    were more options that use a whole grain with more fiber, lower carb count and healthier

    Does anyone know of such a GF pizza?

  5. Hi! Thanks for writing. Are you familiar with all the cauliflower crusts on the market now? Those are lower carb. There’s also Cappello’s, which is paleo (almond flour). It’s hard to get fiber from GF flours, unfortunately, but you can add more via your toppings–veggies have great amounts of fiber. Keep the comments and questions coming and thanks! — Erika

  6. I agree with your choices of Freshcetta (goes on sale frequently), Udis, California Pizza Kitchen, and Against the Grain. I haven’t found the others in stores yet. Wal-Mart carries some with great prices. I add toppings.
    You can freeze leftovers in individual slices, then reheat on stovetop in nonstick covered fry pan on low heat.

  7. Thanks, Pam! Good ideas on freezing leftovers. We try to always offer an array of worthy options because not all our findings are distributed everywhere and it’s no fun to not be able to find a reliable option in your area!

  8. I had an amazing gluten free pizza at Base Camp Pizza Company in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Turned out their gluten free crust supplier is Venice Bakery. They use the raised-edge crust. The problem is if you go to Venice Bakery’s website, you have to be a distributor to order them. You can order these crusts on Amazon, but they come in bulk shipments, so it would be difficult to store them. Also kind of pricey to get that many at once. Anybody know another way to get my hands on these crusts? Thanks!

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