Gluten-Free Appetizer: Indian Spiced Greens on Papads Recipe


Gluten-Free Appetizer: Indian-Spiced Greens on Papads

"These yummy greens are an adaption from our friend, and great cook, Niloufer Ichiporia, whose sumptuous and versatile recipes continue to inspire our imagination,” divulges San Francisco chef and co-owner of Foreign Cinema, Gayle Pirie, who serves them on bite-size papad shards for a perfect vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free appetizer. Papads, she says, are “addictive lentil-flour wafers used as a finishing component to Indian main courses and appetizers.” They’re available at Middle Eastern markets and online and are definitely worth seeking for this dish and for everyday snacking.


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Photography Maren Caruso

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