Gluten-Free Companies that Deliver During COVID-19

It’s hard to find groceries, never mind GF specialties, during this challenging time of social distancing and food hoarding, so we reached out to brands we love to help you find out who is stocked with delicious gluten-free products. Many of these companies are small businesses, so you get to support them and enjoy some special goodies treats. It’s a win-win!

by Cindy Rice

Note: as you know, products are selling out quickly these days. If a company’s products are out of stock, check back soon.

Bread SRSLY: This Berkeley, California-based bakery is a dedicated gluten-free facility and uses organic flours to produce truly outstanding vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly sourdough. Now is a great time to stock up and try these tangy, easy to digest breads that are great for sandwiches and toast. All products on their website are available and being shipped weekly for a $5 flat-rate shipping charge. Bread is sold in 3-packs and can be stored in the refrigerator for upwards of one week or sliced and stored in the freezer.  Use code GFFmag to get free shipping on your first order. Click here to order.

Etalia Pizza: This is real-deal, crispy-edged, chewy-inside pizza that can be delivered frozen to your door! The pies are shipped uncooked and you bake them in a 500°F oven to bubbly perfection. Pizza is available for shipment nationwide. Shipping is free if you order 8 pizzas, otherwise 2-day shipping is $14 and 3-day shipping is $18. Get your pizzas here

Coco Bakes: This L.A.-based bakery creates beautiful round sourdough boules that can be ordered sliced or unsliced and delivered to your door for a flat-rate $7.99 shipping price. We like to order it sliced, freeze the loaves and take out what we need to enjoy toasted with butter or almond butter. The bread is gluten-free, vegan, sprouted and organic and has traditional sourdough texture with crusty exterior and soft, chewy tangy dough inside. Other products are also available, including rosemary olive bread, rolls, cookies, bars and cakes. Most items are available by subscription. The store is stocked on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 a.m. PST and tend to sell out, so order early! Visit the Coco Bakes website here to order. 

Sans Bakery: Obsession-worthy baked goods star at this dedicated gluten-free NYC bakery, and they can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.  (The $12 shipping fee will be waived with code SANS-SHIPPING.) All baked goods come individually wrapped and keep beautifully in the freezer—if they make it that long! We recommend the classic brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and lamingtons, but all of their products are top-notch. Check out our product review of the brownies here and the lamingtons here. Visit the Sans Bakery website here to order.

Mariposa Baking Company: This Oakland, California bakery creates an epic array of gluten-free baked goods that range from savory to sweet but are always delicious. Mouthwatering offerings include cinnamon rolls, muffins, baguettes, bread and pizza crusts. As of March 24th, they are offering free shipping on orders over $100 with code FREESHIP100. Find the full selection here.

Simple Kneads: Three varieties of deliciously dense loaves are available for shipping from this NC-based bakery. Made with naturally occurring sourdough and organic whole-grain ingredients, the artisan breads are pre-sliced and actually a traditional, normal size (unusual for GF breads)–which makes them perfect for sandwiches. The minimum order is four loaves, so we recommend trying all 3 flavors (Sourdough, “Pumpkinickel” and Quinoa Power Grains) and USPS shipping is free. If ordering for the first time, use code new2sk for a 20% discount. Get them here.

Modern Bread and Bagel: Manhattan’s popular Upper West gluten-free and kosher bakery is offering shipping throughout the U.S.  Real-deal NY-style bagels (see our review in the Manhattan travel guide here), challah, breads, chocolate chip cookies, and more are freshly baked and shipped directly to your home. Shipping fees are weight-based (about $20 for orders under 10 lb.) and shipped via UPS Ground. West Coast orders will cost extra for overnight or 2-day shipping. MBB has never offered shipping before, so now is the time to give them a try if you don’t live in the NY area. If you’re a bagel lover, it’s worth the pricey shipping. Orly, the owner of the establishment, told us that customers can DM her on Instagram if they would like to have an item shipped that is not on the website. Order here. Blends by Orly flour blends are also available. See our review of Tuscany Blend here.


Third Coast Bakery: This Michigan gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan bakery was recommended by a GFF reader. They offer shipping nationwide via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail. Goodies available for delivery include breakfast toasties (similar to Pop Tarts), cream pies, cookies, scones, muffins, bread and more. Orders are due by Sundays at noon and shipped out on Mondays. Browse the fresh-baked assortment here.

New Cascadia: This Portland, Oregon bakery produces all kinds go GF awesomeness, but they ship handcrafted, naturally fermented, non-GMO and kosher whole grain breads and rolls. Use coupon code STAYFED10 to enjoy 10 percent off mail order until 4/12/2020 and peruse the beautiful loaves here.

Enjoy Life Foods: This allergy-friendly company offers chocolate chips, breakfast bars, cookies, mixes and more that are free from the top 14 food allergens. According to their website, they’re still producing and shipping, but some items may be out of stock and orders will be delayed about a week. Even so, they’re a good option for picking up some of the baking and snacking items on your list. Ground shipping to the contiguous states is free for orders over $49. Take a look at the product line here.

Lilac Patisserie: A popular Santa Barbara bakery, Lilac is offering shipping to U.S. addresses and contactless store pickup on Tuesdays. Four varieties of bread (some loaves are dairy-free), five types of rolls, store-made granola and all-purpose flour mix are available for shipping. Orders must be received by the previous Sunday at 12:00 PT. If an order is received after Sunday at 12:00 PT, it will be shipped on Tuesday the following week. Learn more here. Check out this website which offers a wide variety of nuts, seeds, flours and dried beans, many of which are certified gluten free and in stock. The company provides excellent customer service and even though their website states that orders may be delayed 2-3 days with increased demand, we have still received our orders in a couple of days. You can read the company safety precautions and place an order here

Krumville Bake Shop: This popular Brooklyn-based 100% gluten-free bakery is still baking and shipping gorgeous layer cakes, cookies, muffins, panini bread, foccacia and more nationwide. The website is updated Thursdays around 6 p.m. EST with available inventory and customers can choose the delivery date within that week. Ground shipping for orders over $50 is free, but two-day shipping is necessary for orders in central or western states. Take a look at the beautiful confections here.

Odd Bagel: The only thing odd about these bagels is that they are as chewy-yummy as regular NY-style bagels without containing gluten. In fact, beyond gluten-free, they’re also egg-, soy-, nut-, corn- and potato-free and vegan. From the San Francisco Bay Area bakery of the same name, they ship six flavors of bagels anywhere in the U.S. and are now offering free USPS shipping for 4-packs of bagels in any of the 6 varieties through April, 2020. Orders received each week after Thursday at 3 p.m. will be shipped the following week. Get your bagels here.

Balanced Bites: Developed by a Certified Nutrition Consultant, this company will ship a box of 10 delicious frozen, allergy-friendly meals directly to your door. Choose your box based on diet: keto, paleo, nightshade-free, nut-free, egg-free and 21-day-sugar-detox. The menu includes tasty and satisfying meals like “Pork Shoulder Carnitas with Green Cauliflower Rice and Pickled Onions” and “Satay Beef with Shredded Cabbage & Carrot Noodles”. You can also order flavorful spice blends to enhance and simplify your own homemade meals. These specially crafted blends add plenty of zing with just a shake or two–varieties include Coffee BBQ, Greek, Ranch, Super Garlic and many more. New customers can get $10 off the first box of meals with code WELCOME10. Check out the scrumptious meals here and the savory spice blends here.

Buddy’s Allergen Free: These convenient, single-serving cake mixes, available in four flavors, come complete with everything you need to make on cupcake-size mug cake with frosting. Combine the mix with a few tablespoons of any kind of milk, one tablespoon of oil and cook in microwave for one minute. Add the frosting on top of the warm cake and voilà–you have a super-sweet, warm, gooey and indulgent treat that is perfect for enjoying during your few moments of alone time! Since the cake mixes are top 7 allergy-free (and almost nut-free except for coconut), the cakes are also the perfect portable treat for children with allergies who are attending birthday parties or school events (when we get back to socializing). They are pricey ($14 for 3 individual cake mixes), but a nice option to have stocked in the pantry for those times when only a sugary, decadent confection will do. Free shipping is always available. Find your favorite flavor here.

Schär: A producer of a dizzying array of gluten-free packaged baked goods, Schar informed us that they have products in stock and are continuing to ship to supermarkets and through their online store. Remarkably, they continue to have three varieties of the Bonta D’Italia corn and rice pasta (which seems to be one of the more difficult items to find) in stock. Shipping, available in the continental U.S., is free for orders over $49. To shop the full list of crackers, cookies, breads, pasta and more, visit their website here.

Kinnikinnick: This company offers a plethora of allergy-friendly and kosher products made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Just how bountiful are they? Think cookies, doughnuts, pizza crusts, muffins, baking mixes and more. All 44 products shown on their website (except for pie crusts) are available for shipping to the USA and Canada.  Shipping is free for orders over $50 for most areas. The company plans to continue baking and shipping and has hired additional staff to meet demand. Visit the Kinnikinnick website here to shop.

Flour Craft Bakery: This Marin County, California bakery ships their healthy granolas, breads, and sweets anywhere in the U.S. Shipping is free for orders over $30 with code FREESHIP. Browse the goodies here

Senza Gluten Bakery: This dedicated gluten free, family-run, Manhattan bakery is now shipping delicious fresh pastries and baked goods nationwide. Delectable offerings include extra-large 2 lb. bread loaves, baguettes, pizza crusts, cookies, muffins, scones and, our favorite, the flourless chocolate cake topped with bittersweet chocolate & Grand Marnier ganache. Prices are steep for some specialty items ($47 for the chocolate cake), as is shipping, especially to the west coast—but, the quality here is top notch and worthy of a special occasion. Shipping is more economical if ordering multiple items. Choose your favorites here.

Nana Joe’s Granola: Stock up on delicious, paleo, vegan, and gluten-free granola from this San Francisco factory with free shipping for orders over $30. With flavors like Hu Chocolate Blend, Orange Zest & Almond Butter Blend and Cranberry, Cinnamon & Coconut Blend, they’re a step, or even a whole flight, above the usual granola, and they’re organic, too! Covetable granola bars and trail mixes are also available. See all of the flavors here.

Roons: Portland,  Oregon’s “Roonmaster Jen” is behind these all gluten-free, grain-free, kosher, non-GMO and individually-wrapped macaroons in assorted flavors such as Original, Lemon, Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Decadence. They also offer party packs in various sizes, so there will be plenty to share with whomever you are quarantined. Use code STAYHOME to get 10% off orders over $35 and free shipping. Check them out here.

Lopaus Point: Named after the area along the coast of Maine where the owner grew up, this company makes yummy artisanal waffles that are free of gluten (certified GF), dairy, soy, corn, peanut, oat, refined sugar and preservatives. With flavors like wild blueberry, chocolate chip and banana flax, there is a fantasy waffle breakfast for everyone. Minimum order is 4 6-packs of waffles for $59.80. Use code EASTER for free ground shipping or $9.95 off two-day air. Get your waffles here.

New Beat Foods: This Colorado-based company bakes hand-crafted quinoa crackers made with organic ingredients and ships for free nationwide. The wholesome crackers, available in four delicious varieties like Sesame Swing and Cranberry Chorus, are crispy and sturdy enough to hold up to dips and cheeses, full of buttery, whole grain flavor and lightly sweetened with honey. Truly addictive, these crunchy snacks come with a hefty pricetag. But, the company has free shipping and has offered GFF readers a 15% discount with one-time code firstorder! Volume discounts are also available and there is a four pack minimum. Check out all the flavors here.

Everybody Eats: This artisanal, family-run bakery in Brooklyn, NY is 100% gluten- and nut-free. They offer nationwide shipping for their breads, rolls, muffins and pizza shells. Shipping is expensive, but more proportional for larger orders. So, now is the time to stock up! The multigrain bread (which makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich) is amazing–chewy texture, loaded with seeds, wholesome flavor. Be sure to follow the package directions and toast the breads before serving. Check out the goods here.

The Gluten-Free Mall

Gluten-Free Mall: This warehouse-like online shopping site is a wonderful resource for gluten-free breads, grains, flours and frozen foods. According to their website, they are experiencing brief delays with some shipments due to increased demand, but they seem to be well-stocked in many useful items, including some varieties of Udi’s, Schär, BFree, and Three Baker’s breads. They also carry Authentic Foods superfine flours, which we use and recommend. Shipping is free for dry orders over $39 and a flat-rate of $9 for smaller orders. Check out Gluten-Free Mall here. While Amazon is out of stock on many essential items, we were able to find some of our favorites available (see below) Expect stock will be ever-fluctuating right now, so check back often.

NOTE: We only recommend products that we truly LOVE, use, and are confident to recommend. We may have an affiliate relationship with a brand, which means we sometimes earn a small commission if you make a purchase through a product link on our site at no cost to you. But this has no influence on what we recommend. When we do score a few shekels, know that your purchase helps support our work to bring you trustworthy, unbiased information on an amazing gluten-free food and lifestyle.

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  1. I have an order in my cart for Maraposa Bakery that is over $100. Your blurb says Free shipping over $100, but it is not giving that to me. Is there a code?

  2. Hi! Thanks for asking and sorry for the confusion. We added a code to the post. Use it and score!

  3. Great list! Thanks! I’m not sure what we’d do without 🙂 Two other places that are still baking and shipping yummy bread are Happy Campers GF and Simple Kneads.

  4. Thank you! Also, Safe Sweets Chocolates is shipping. Fantastic chocolates, no nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten or corn! I love their products!

  5. I know–we love! Thank you for the recommendations–we will look into those companies!

  6. Sweet Ali’s is a dedicated GF bakery in Illinois and they’re shipping and doing curbside.

  7. Nuflours has started shipping from Seattle. They are a dedicated gluten free bakery.

  8. Is there a coupon code for Flour Craft? Not getting the free shipping after filling our cart. Thanks!

  9. We have reached out to the company to find out if they are still offering free shipping and will get back to you!

  10. Flour Craft has informed us that we can use the code FREESHIP for free shipping on orders over $30. Thanks for contacting us!

  11. Thank you for these wonderful resources!

    Eban’s Bakehouse ships all over the U.S., and their breads are really good. Also Flour Chylde in Novato ships their delicious breads, cookies and other treats.

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