Product Review: Annie’s Gluten Free Creamy Deluxe & Cheesy Cheddar

A longtime favorite around GFF HQ, this boxed gluten free mac & cheese is “deluxe” because it includes a pouch of ready-to-squeeze-out cheese sauce rather than a powder you need to mix with liquid. But more than that, the flavor and texture is super rich and thick, creamy, yummy, and on par with the gluten versions we devoured as a kid. As far as ready-made mac and cheese goes, Annie’s deluxe and cheesy cheddar is definitely one of our favorites.


INGREDIENTS: Rice pasta (white rice flour, brown rice flour), cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, non-animal enzymes), skim milk, cream, whey, sodium phosphate, salt, natural butter and cheese flavor, sodium alginate, lactic acid, organic annatto extract (for color), xanthan gum.


CONTAINS STATEMENT: Milk ingredients

OTHER HELPFUL INFO: No additional ingredients needed

Reviewed October 2018

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2 Comments on “Product Review: Annie’s Gluten Free Creamy Deluxe & Cheesy Cheddar”

  1. Sadly, Annie’s has “partnered” with General Mills and has now discontinued this kit in favor of one with shell-shaped noodles instead of the classic tube-shaped noodles. Save yourself the aggravation and don’t eat it – the shells are impossible to cook without them getting all soggy and mixing them with the cheese creates a tasteless congealed mess. The ooey gooey mac and cheese experience that the old deluxe kit provided is no more. I have never been so disappointed with an Annie’s product!

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