The Best Gluten-Free Beer

We sniffed, sipped, and spit more than forty of the most widely available gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers to bring you the best lagers, pale ales, Belgians, and browns for your frosty mug. Break out your bottle opener (and can-opening thumb) because these are the cold ones worth cracking.

By Erin Ng

Gluten-free beer is beer that is made from 100-percent gluten-free ingredients and thus is celiac safe.

Bard’s Gold
A malted sorghum lager; malty and lightly fruity with apple and caramel notes; $9.99/ 6-pack of 12-oz bottles.

Glutenberg American Pale Ale
Made from millet, buckwheat, and corn; sharp “regular beer” taste, with a sweet and bitterorange tartness; $10.99/4-pack of 16-oz cans.

New Planet Belgian Ale
A sorghum and brown rice lighter Belgianstyle brew; strong floral and honey sweetness; $7.99/4-pack of 12-oz bottles.

Green’s Ipa
Millet, buckwheat, brown rice, and sorghum India pale ale; bitter, hoppy, and herbaceous, with citrus and faint coffee notes; $5.99/ 500-ml bottle. glutenfree

Ground Breaker Ipa No. 5
Made from sorghum and organic lentils; moderate hoppiness and complex flavors of tropical fruit and earthy pine; $2.99/ 12-oz can. groundbreaker

Glutenberg Blonde
A millet and corn creation for cider lovers; thin, slightly grainy, with strong apple and corn flavors; $10.99/4-pack of 16-oz cans.

Green’s Amber Ale
A combo of sorghum, rice, and buckwheat; grassy hops and hints of caramel apple; $5.99/500-ml bottle. glutenfree

Gluten-reduced beer is made from ingredients that contain gluten and is treated with an enzyme that eats the gluten, rendering it technically “gluten-free” from an FDA perspective. While some people experience no reaction, others do, depending on the brand.

Omission Lager
A malted-barley classic; summery honey and grassy effervescence; $9.99/6-pack of 12-oz bottles.

New Planet Tread Lightly Ale (Session Ale)
A mix of barley, malt, and rice; extremely light and fruity with a Coors Light drinkability; $8.49/6-pack of 12-oz cans. newplanet

Omission Pale Ale
Made with malted barley; hints of sweet caramel and malt with a nice bitter finish, comparable to a standard APA; $9.99/ 6-pack of 12-oz bottles. omission

Omission Ipa
A dry, smooth, malted barley– based brew; pleasingly mild bitterness and tropical undertones; $9.99/ 6-pack of 12-oz bottles. omission

Brunehaut Blond
USDA organic barley–based ale with apparent Belgian yeasts; very crisp and sweet; $13.99/4-pack of 11.2-oz bottles.

Daura Damm
Spanish malted-barley import lager; refreshing and reminiscent of a standard macrobrew; $7.49/4-pack of 12-oz bottles.

Brunehaut Amber
A toasty, nutty barley–based dark; hints of citrus peel and a pleasant, woodsy aftertaste; $13.99/4-pack of 11.2-oz bottles.

15 Comments on “The Best Gluten-Free Beer”

  1. Gotta add New Grist (Gose Style) by Lakefront Brewery. Perfect GF beer for warm weather.

  2. Red Bridge is my fave whenever I make it to USA. New Grist is kind of sweet but refreshing.

  3. Best GF beer I’ve ever had was at Departed Souls Brewery in Jersey City, NJ. It was a chocolate/coffee stout and it was exquisite! Best ever!

  4. Ghostfish is great! Only one I’ve ever had that tastes like “real” beer-and I’ve tried most of these.

  5. There is an awesome gluten free brewery in Tulsa, OK – NEFF Brewery that has so many great selections!

  6. We haven’t seen it in our stores lately, but my wife and I prefer the Brunehaut Triple.
    (Not mentioned here.)
    The 8.0 ABV triple is wonderfully smooth.

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