Cook the Book: Carbivore by Phoebe Lapine

by Cindy Rice

There is no shortage of dietary advice for food-lovers dealing with chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases, gut issues, blood sugar instability, and just plain fatigue. Many so-called therapeutic diets with lofty promises are incredibly restrictive, depriving us of the joys of eating our favorite comforting foods. Not Carbivore: 130 Healthy Recipes to Stop Fearing Carbs and Embrace the Comfort Foods You Love by blogger, gluten-free chef, and autoimmune disease advocate Phoebe Lapine.

Her Carbivore cookbook is packed with informative and practical science-based strategies. Along with 130 unapologetically carb-forward recipes are divided into chapters by type of carb family — rice, noodles, and spuds, to name a few, Phoebe teaches us how to prepare and enjoy the carbohydrates that please us while mitigating adverse effects on the body.

Her secret? Nutrient-dense, gluten-free, low-FODMAP recipes that contain fiber, healthy fats, and protein (what Phoebe calls “carb companions”) to slow digestion, minimize inflammation, and limit blood sugar spikes.

The Carbivore cookbook recipes include breakfast ideas, sides, complete nourishing meals and even a few low-sugar desserts. Above all, Phoebe’s philosophy is balance, and in this informative book, we learn how to incorporate the foods we love into a diet that is gut-friendly, nutrient-dense, and easy on the body’s metabolism.

You can buy the book here, but before that you can get a taste of the deliciousness you’ll find in her Carbivore cookbook and Phoebe’s approach to food by tapping any of the recipe images below to go straight to the recipe.

Carbivore cookbook’s Banana–Nut Crunch Granola

Carbovore cookbook: Banana Nut Crunch Granola recipe

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Carbivore cookbook’s Sweet & Sour Moroccan Chicken-Rice Casserole

Carbivore cookbook: Moroccan Chicken Casserole recipe

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Carbivore cookbook’s Inside-Out Egg Roll Noodles

Carbivore cookbook: inside-out egg roll noodles recipe

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Carbivore cookbook’s Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine, author of Carbivore cookbook

Phoebe is also the author of SIBO Made Simple: 90 Healing Recipes and Practical Strategies to Rebalance Your Gut for Good and The Wellness Project: How I Learned to Do Right by My Body, Without Giving Up My Life.

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