GFF Magazine’s 2021 Great 14-Day Giveaway

Welcome to our 2021 holiday giveaway! Each year we partner with our favorite brands to give you the chance to win the very best of GF deliciousness—for 14 DAYS STRAIGHT! This year we have a whopping 86 prizes to share. Scroll to see what’s up for grabs and to learn more about GF brands you really should know about.

Then …

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Enter every day from December 1 to midnight on December 14, 2021, for more chances to win.

Randomly selected winners will be announced here on 12/15/21. Good luck, Happy Holidays, and thank you so much for being part of our GF family!

Erika Lenkert
GFF Editor


December 1: The Ultimate Cup4Cup Flours and Mixes Collection

When I started baking GF, one of my very first product revelations was Cup4Cup’s multipurpose flour blend. Developed by famed Chef Thomas Keller and his culinary team, it can be substituted 1:1 for traditional flour in recipes. It also results in the desired taste, texture, and performance we all want from baked goods! Since its beginnings, Cup4Cup’s has slowly expanded into an extensive line of certified-gluten-free flours and baking mixes that totally elevate the GF baking game. Think ridiculously good brownies, cake mixes, pie- pizza crust mixes, and their newest product, Ancient Grains Flour, which is made of whole oats, millet, and cassava and is rich in whole grains and protein. You can find Cup4Cup in select stores nationwide or shop directly from their website.

5 lucky winners will receive one each of all 13 products in Cup4Cup’s lineup!

Learn more about Cup4Cup


December 2:  A Canyon Bakehouse Bread Windfall

No one delivers such an incredible variety of perfectly delicious gluten-free breads like Canyon Bakehouse. With varieties ranging from Ancient Grain to Hawaiian Sweet to Cinnamon Raisin to Mountain White, they’re always a home run for sandwiches, French toast, egg-in-a-hole or bagel breakfasts, and burgers! Plus, they’re available everywhere; you can find all their breads, buns, bagels, English Muffins, and new Sub Rolls in your local grocer’s freezer or bread aisle! I genuinely always have a few of their products in my freezer and cupboard. 

10 lucky winners will receive 1 Canyon Bakehouse tote bag, 10 FREE product coupons ($80 value!), and 2 surprise Canyon Bakehouse products.

Learn more about Canyon Bakehouse


December 3: Raised Gluten Free Sweet and Savory Pie Package

Have you tried these gluten-free, vegan pies? They’re available at select grocers nationwide in the bakery and freezer section, and they’re sooooo good! Plus, some of their small-batch pies come available in 6- and 9-inch sizes, which means I can make a pie just for myself or serve a crowd. And then there’s the flavor selection: Pumpkin, Dutch Apple, Southern Peach, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Chocolate Silk, Vegetable Pot Pie, and more! Heck, they even have Spinach Quiche, and all are all vegan, certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, egg-, dairy-, and peanut-free. Check their store locator for info on where to find them near you.

10 lucky winners will receive 2 Raised Gluten Free VIP Product Coupons to exchange for delicious vegan, gluten-free, and peanut-free pies at their local grocery store.

Learn more at


December 4:  Lopaus Point Gourmet Waffle Extravaganza              

Forget everything you know about readymade, store-bought waffles. Lopaus Point redefines the category with their ridiculously pretty, handmade, certified gluten-free waffles delivered straight to your door. Their shape practically purrs, “I’m fancy and fabulous”; put them on a plate and upscale brunch is served! Their flavors—five gourmet varieties, including Original, Wild Blueberry, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip—are excellent. And the texture? Perfectly crisp on the outside, fluffy-moist and light on the inside. They’re also dairy-, soy-, corn-, peanut-, and oat-free, too, and have no added sugar. So yes! Lopaus Point Waffles for the win!  

10 lucky winners will each receive one package of each of the three original flavors: original, wild blueberry and chocolate chip, plus an insulated Lopaus Point lunch tote.

Learn more about Lopaus Point


December 5: Pizzeria Delfina’s Luscious Latkes

James Beard Award-winning chef Craig Stoll of San Francisco’s Delfina and Pizzeria Delfina goes the distance—and then some—to make the fluffiest, creamiest, crispiest, most crazy-delicious latkes ever. He starts by cooking whole potatoes just to the boiling point, immediately draining them, and refrigerating them overnight. Then he combines as-dry-as-possible grated potato and onion with egg, potato starch, and salt. Fried in rice bran in a dedicated fryer then flash frozen for freshness, they’re latke perfection available at his SF locations and on Gold Belly! Note for celiacs: latkes are made in a facility that makes products containing wheat.


3 lucky winners will score 1 dozen latkes delivered to their door!

Learn more about Pizzeria Delfina’s Latkes


December 6: Little Northern Bakehouse Bonanza

A wonderful 100-percent plant-based, certified gluten-free bread brand introduced to me by GFF editor and dear friend Cindy Rice, Little Northern Bakehouse makes it their mission to reinvent bread so that everyone can enjoy it, without sacrificing taste and texture. And boy do they! Their GF breads, bagels, and rolls that are moist enough to delight any bread lover and loaded with enough health-ish ingredients to feel nurturing. With organic, sprouted, or original options; flavors like Seeds & Grains or Millet & Chia; regular or seriously sizable wide-slice loaves; and even a line of pizza crusts, they’ve got a seductive, better-for-you selection, too. Now Cindy and I are both into their seedy breads! Go to their website to learn where to find them near you.

10 lucky winners will receive a case of Little Northern Bakehouse products, including dinner rolls, breads, and bagels, and each winner will also get Little Northern Bakehouse product coupons!

Learn more about Little Northern Bakehouse


December 7: Cult Crackers Crunch-Fest

Do you know about the crunchy-munchy goodness that is Cult Crackers? They’re a wonderful boutique brand out of the San Francisco Bay Area and when I first found out about them several years ago, their owner was just ramping up and kindly hand-delivered a couple of bags to my door. I’m so glad she did. These crackers are gorgeously wholesome, uber-crunchy, seedy, earthy, and sturdy, perfect for cheese platters, hummus dips, and straight-from-the-bag munching. And hey—if you can’t find them near you, you can order them online!

3 lucky winners will each enjoy four (4) bags of Cult Crackers, 2 (two) bags of Classic Seed Crackers, and 2 (two) bags of Crunchy Cassava Crackers.

Learn more about Cult Crackers


December 8: Jovial Pasta-Night Fantasy

A brand that’s always in stock at my house, jovial makes spectacular gluten-free dried pasta in a variety of shapes. I raised my daughter (and sated myself!) on their classic brown rice spaghetti, and I regularly reach for their lasagna noodles, penne, and egg noodles, too. Whatever the shape, the flavor and texture are exactly what pasta should be, and unlike many certified GF varieties, the noodles hold up as leftovers. Now that jovial also offers a grain-free cassava-flour pasta line, there’s more to love—including orzo! Did I mention they make their pasta at a long-established family-run pasta manufacturer near Lucca, Italy, and have an online shop? That’s amore!

5 lucky winners will receive 6 boxes of jovial gluten-free and/or grain-free pasta (shapes may vary, but the winners can choose between gluten-free, grain-free, or a combo).

Learn more about jovial


December 9:  Schär Holiday Cookie-Palooza 

Oh, Schär! I’m grateful for so many things about this brand. First, they make so darned many certified GF products, specifically crackers, cookies, breads, pastas, breadcrumbs, other sweet treats! Then, their availability! I can find their tasty products here in the US at stores and through their online shop, and they about at grocers when I travel abroad, making it much easier to be GF and globetrot! This season, I’m especially excited about their incredible array of GF cookies. Whether for gifting, holiday dessert trays, or baking into something yummy (ahem, honeygram piecrust!), they help make the GF holidays extra sweet.

5 lucky winners will receive one package of (1) Tempties, one (1) Speculoos, one (1) Honeygrams, one (1) Chocolate Dipped Cookies, one (1) Chocohazelnut bar, and one (1) Twinbar

Learn more about  Schär 


December 10: Odd Bagel Breakfast Bonanza

I’m so grateful that my San Francisco neighborhood grocer carries Odd Bagel bagels. They’re a morning favorite at our house because they’re in the top echelon of certified GF bagels, meaning they’re deliciously flavored, more bagel-y than bready, and chewy-moist with a snappy, satisfying crust. They’re also vegan and super-allergy-friendly; along with being gluten-free, they’re also egg-, soy-, nut-, corn-, psyllium-, and potato-free. Available in plain, sesame, everything, and cinnamon-raisin, they’re best when toasted (it brings out the flavor and accentuates the texture) and can be shipped anywhere in the US from their website. Try them and you’ll see how they make bagel enjoyment an occasion again.  

6 lucky winners will receive 3 (4-packs) of bagels

Learn more about Odd Bagel


December 11: Etalia Pizza Dough Deliciousness

Ah, gluten-free pizza. I’ve tried pretty much all of them and Etalia is the one that truly takes the pie-in-the-sky idea of great, real-deal thin rising-crust GF pizza out of the imagination and puts it on the dinner table. I’m talking home-baked, artisan dough that cooks up crispy, bubbly, and sturdy on the edges, chewy and idyllically floppy on the inside, and excellently flavored. Their Nudo (“naked”) Pizza Dough (along with their Margherita pizza) is available in the freezer section at some Whole Foods and other select stores nationwide. You can also order direct from their website. Plant-based, dairy-free, artisan, made in a dedicated GF facility (and certified organic!), it’s delivered frozen to your door and ready to be topped with your favorite toppings and freshly baked to perfection in your own oven. I keep a few in the freezer for instant perfect pizza night anytime.

1 lucky winner will win 6 (six) Nudo Pizza Dough Crusts plus a pizza screen.

Learn more about Etalia


December 12:  MYBREAD Sensational Sampler

A fantastic boutique bread brand to know about, MYBREAD Gluten-Free Bakery thankfully and expertly answers the question, Where can I get a good certified gluten-free baguette? Or dinner rolls? Or a pizza crust? Or … wait for it … flatbread pitas! MYBREAD’s products are pillowy-soft, light, and airy, perfect for slicing and serving with cheese trays or holiday or everyday meals. If you can’t find them near you, you can order online, then store your bounty in the freezer and warm them in the oven to the desired crustiness whenever you have a craving!

15 lucky winners will get to try the whole shebang with this prize package!
Each winner will receive: 1 package MYBREAD Original Flatbread Pitas, 1 package MYBREAD Original Baguettes, 1 package MYBREAD Original Soft Breadsticks, 1 package MYBREAD Original Dinner Rolls, 2 MYBREAD Original 10-Inch Pizza Crusts

Learn more about MYBREAD


December 13: JB Skin Sävvi Luxury Skincare Set

I include the opportunity to score a luxury skincare regimen from Canadian skincare expert Jennifer Brodeur of JB SkinGuru every year because it’s special. Not only does it feel like a true pamper treatment every time I use it, but also it delivers luminous, anti-aging results. Jennifer is a gluten-free facialist to the stars (ahem, Oprah and Michelle Obama) whose products keep me coming back for more. Beyond their gluten-free status, all of the ingredients are organic, ethically-sourced, and free of toxins and artificial fragrances!

1 winner will receive a JB Skin Sävvi Glow Getter set, including 3 masks and her Peoni anti-inflammatory hydrating oil, light but powerful daily moisturizer, and acai and shea butter lip balm—all packaged in a pretty sac.

Learn more about JB SkinGuru and the Glow Getter Set


December 14: GFF Library Collection

For the first five years of our GFF life, we were a print magazine. We lovingly filled our pages with wonderful, well-tested recipes (about 50 per issue!), gorgeous photography, useful articles, and endless reassurance that the GF life is wildly delicious with the right recipes, products, and guidance. We’re all online now on, but I still have a small stash of print issues, and I’m sharing some of it with 2 lucky winners along with several surprises.

2 lucky winners will receive 8 back issues of GFF plus several surprises!



Thanks for your interest in this year’s giveaway! Don’t forget to revisit the giveaway for more chances and ways to win!

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