GFF Magazine’s Great 15-Day Giveaway 2020


Welcome to our annual holiday giveaway page.

We always only partner with brands we personally love and enjoy, and 2020 is no exception. This year’s giveaway is our biggest ever, with a whopping 93 prizes totaling more than $5,500 plus chances to win the every day for 15 DAYS STRAIGHT! 

How it Worked:
We gave away awesome prizes every day from December 1, 2020, to midnight on December 15, 2020. Scroll to see all the fantastic prizes and the randomly selected winners! And THANK YOU FOR ENTERING!

Erika Lenkert
Editor, GFF Magazine



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December 1: Cup4Cup Baker’s Fantasy

Famed Chef Thomas Keller’s Cup4Cup’s gluten-free flours can be substituted for “regular” flour with outstanding results, which is why we and so many chefs we know regularly reach for them. And their fantastic mixes make GF baking effortlessly delicious. Their newest flour blend, Gluten Free Ancient Grains, is DF, made from top-quality whole oats, millet, cassava, and other flours, and delivers 18 grams of whole grains per serving!

One winner will receive one pouch of every product Cup4Cup makes, which includes flours, brownie mix, cornbread mix, pie crust mix, and more—just in time for the holidays!
Prize Value: $145

For recipes, baking tips, and more, visit Cup4Cup


December 2: Modern Bread and Bagel PLUS Blends by Orly
Super-Duper Sampler

Modern Bread and Bagel, a trendy and ultra-popular Upper West Side brunch and lunch spot founded by Orly Gottesman, is 100% gluten free and kosher. Modern serves loyal customers real-deal chewy, yeasty handmade bagels—accompanied by smoked fish and more than a dozen kinds of cream cheese—in addition to yummy baked goods and great news: now, they offer affordable shipping nationwide! Orly has also developed a full line of gluten-free, and even some grain-free, flour blends and mixes so that, as she says, ”You can bake anything!”.  

Three winners will score a generous prize package containing 1 bag of Sydney Blend (cake flour), 1 bag of London Blend (cookie flour), 1 traditional challah mix, 6 everything bagels, 1 loaf of 5&5 bread (multigrain bread) and 6 chocolate rugelach!
Each Prize Value: $75

Learn more about or order from Modern Bread and Bagel and Blends by Orly


December 3:  Schär Classic Baked Goods Collection 

With an astounding array of tasty GF products, broadened availability in the US, a newish online shop, and an abundant selection all over Europe (an important perk once we can travel again), there’s much to love about Schär. We always have a stash of their buttery, Ritz-like Table Crackers, moist and fluffy ciabatta rolls, and totally addictive Twix-like Chocolix cookie snacks.

20 winners will score a Schär gift box of Table Crackers, bagels, and Honeygrams!
Prize Value: $20

Learn more about  Schär or shop their store


December 4:  Etalia Pizza Night Spectacular

It seems everyone is forever seeking great GF pizza. You know, the kind with a rising crust that is crispy and bubbly on the edges, chewy on the inside, with just the right amount of tangy tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella? That’s exactly what Etalia provides: truly artisan GF (and organic!) pizza delivered frozen to your door and ready to be baked to perfection. We keep a few in the freezer for instant perfect-pizza night!

Three winners will each receive 3 Margherita pizzas, 3 Nudo pizzas (aka “nude” for designing your own creations), and 2 pizza screens!
Prize Value: $140

Learn more about or shop for Etalia Pizza


December 5:   Sans Bakery Sweet Dreams

You no longer have to live in NYC to have access to some of our very favorite GF (and sometimes vegan!) baked goods on the planet. Ultra-popular Sans Bakery now offers nationwide shipping, which is important since we are seriously obsessed with their lamingtons (think cubes of fluffy white cake with a light layer of jam in the middle and a coating of coconut-coated chocolate) and the best, most chocolatey brownies we’ve ever had.

Three winners will receive an assortment of Sans Bakery goodness plus a tote. One winner will receive the Vegan Gift Box. One will receive the Assorted Cookies and Bars Gift Box. And one will receive the Assorted Cookies Gift Box!
Each Prize Value: $50 to $66

Learn more about or shop Sans Bakery


December 6: Kitchen Toke Natural Wonder

Kitchen Toke’s hemp honey is next-level in every way. It’s got a stunning, deep rose-gold hue. Its natural flavor is distinctly floral and superior to any other we’ve tried. And it’s rich in CBD and health-promoting antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Made by California honeybees, who eat hemp nectar to produce the honey, it’s our favorite way to treat ourselves and help reduce inflammation, ease anxiety, and assist with restful sleep.

Five winners will each receive one jar of Kitchen Toke honey!
Prize Value: $80

Visit for more information and recipes. 


December 7: Peoni Powerful and Nourishing 4-Step Skincare Regimen

We swear by (and live by) this spectacular luxury skincare line by Canadian skincare expert Jennifer Brodeur of JB SkinGuru. Sure she’s the facialist to the stars (ahem, Oprah and Michelle Obama). But her line of wholesome and nourishing products brings the magic home with luminous, radiant results.

One winner will receive the complete Peoni regimen, including a cleanser, toner, anti-inflammatory hydrating oil, and a light but powerful daily moisturizer, all of which are ethically-sourced, free of toxins, artificial fragrances, and gluten, and made with organic ingredients!
Prize Value: $395

Learn more about JB SkinGuru and Peoni


December 8:  Canyon Bakehouse Jackpot

If you’ve tried any one of their products, you already know Canyon Bakehouse is the king of the GF bread aisle with good reason. Along with a vast selection of sliced sandwich breads (and bagels and buns), we know we can count on soft and moist yet sturdy texture and epic flavor, which is why we literally always have their bread and hamburger buns on hand.

Ten winners will receive a case of Canyon products (including breads, bagels, English Muffins, brownies, and buns), and five winners will get a Canyon Bakehouse tote and product coupon!
Each Prize Value: $25 to $78

Learn more about Canyon Bakehouse


December 9: Steiner’s Coffee Cake Party

Put the coffee on and get ready to try the perfect accompaniment to your steaming cup of joe. Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York coffee cakes are the perfect cross between a cinnamon roll and a muffin–moist yellow cake ribboned with warm cinnamony spices and sweetness. Think “perfect for holiday morning” or any morning for that matter. Each generous cake is single-serving and wrapped for freshness and easy transport.

Five winners will score a whole dozen of these mouth-watering beauties!
Each Prize Value: $45

Learn more about or shop for Steiner’s Coffee Cakes of New York


December 10: New Beat Foods Perfect Picnic        

Sure, there are tons of GF crackers on the market, but New Beat’s quinoa crackers are baked by hand with love in Colorado, and you can taste the goodness with every crispy, wholesome, and wildly delicious bite. Available in four varieties (Sesame Swing, Cranberry Chorus, Trio, and Play It Simple), they’re awesome for everyday snacking and pair beautifully with dips, cheeses, spreads, and even ice cream.

Four winners will each score 8 boxes of quinoa crackers, 1 jar Colorado Artisan nut butter, and 1 jar Colorado Artisan fruit preserves!
Each Prize Value: $92

Learn more about or shop at New Beat Foods


December 11: Zego Foods Sensational Superfood Nutrient Booster

We love Zego for their collection of tasty, nutrient-dense superfood-based breakfast and snack products. We also love their commitment to ingredient excellence: their bars, trail mixes, oats, and more are free of the top 12 allergens, salt, cane sugar, and artificial stuff; their oats are Purity Protocol Gluten Free (no cross-contact from seed-to-table), and they test for glyphosate and other pesticides and toxins for gut health.

10 winners will receive a Zego Starter Set with all of their breakfast and snack products!
Each Prize Value: $78

Learn more about Zego Foods


December 12: Odd Bagel Breakfast Windfall

Serious bagels with a playful name, Odd Bagels are allergy-friendly (gluten-, egg-, soy-, nut-, corn- and potato-free and vegan). But more exciting, they’re exactly what a true NY-style bagel should be: chewy and moist with excellent texture. We’re so into these local bagels (from the San Francisco Bay Area), we eat them on the regular. But thanks to nationwide shipping, you don’t have to live nearby to enjoy the same privilege.

Six winners will score 3 four-packs of bagels!
Prize Value: $25

Learn more about or shop at Odd Bagel


December 13: Charlie’s Table Pasta Extravaganza

Created by the talented, gluten-intolerant chef of a popular NYC theater-district restaurant, this fresh GF, kosher pasta is indistinguishable from traditional homemade artisanal pasta. More than that, it’s fabulous. Plus, because Charlie’s Table cuts their pasta with authentic Italian bronze dies, their shapes (Bucatini! Garganelli! Gemelli! Rigatoni! Tagliatelle!) hold sauces beautifully.

Four winners will each receive a 4-pack of fresh, artisanal pasta!
Each Prize Value: $36

Learn more about Charlie’s Table, their social initiatives or shop


December 14: Square One Organic Spirits Cocktail Mixer Extravaganza

Forget everything you know about cocktail mixers. These brand new alcohol-free potions by America’s first all organic spirits company are downright exceptional. Totally gluten-free (unlike many mixers) and USDA-certified organic, they have higher juice content and lower sugar than most mixers on the market, making it easy to whip up ovation-worthy sours, mules, bloody marys, and more.

12 winners will receive a melange of 3 mixers, including:
– 1 Bloody Mary (vegan as well as GF)
– 1 Lively Lemon
– 1 Spicy Ginger
Each Prize Value: $35

Learn more about or shop Square One Organic Spirits


December 15: Fairmont San Francisco Luxury Sleepover

One of San Francisco’s most majestic, historic hotels, the Fairmont embodies the old and new San Francisco with its gorgeous Old-World luxury design and modern conveniences. Plus, it’s a few short blocks to downtown shopping and an elevator ride to the Tonga Room, one of the best places in the city to get your tropical drink on (when pandemic permits).

1 night accommodation and breakfast for 2 at the Fairmont San Francisco.
Prize Value: $450

Get more information or to reserve a room at Fairmont San Francisco


Thanks for your interest in this year’s giveaway! Good luck and don’t forget to enter every day and every way for more chances to win! Yay!

Enter here every day from December 1 through December 15, 2020:

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  1. Avatar for Jennifer Vinson

    With two family members that are unable to eat gluten, we are always looking for new products to try.

  2. Avatar for Jennifer Vinson

    With two family members that are unable to eat gluten, we are always looking for new products to try.

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Avatar for cristi perkins

    Such a great opportunity to bring so many gluten free options together.

  4. Avatar for Marie Alvarez

    Excited to win the opportunity to try some new products and also win a few of my already favorites! I love San Francisco!

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    Cup4Cup Baker’s Fantasy would be wonderful to try. I can think of lots of recipes to make with this!

  6. Avatar for Tanya

    A lot of great prizes. I have tried some brands but have not heard of many of them. Wish they were available in my area. We need more options available everywhere.

  7. Avatar for Daina Welsh

    I have been GF for over 2 years now and buy more Cup4Cup than probably anyone else in the world. ? (it seems that way!) I would be so happy and lucky to win this or any prize!

  8. Avatar for Monica Russell

    Wow! I have celiac disease – and am a 30 yr non meat eater, and always looking for new recipes, inspiration, as well as ideas for twists on preparing foods in my usual repertoire, these look great!

  9. Avatar for Victoria

    This is wonderful thank you for holding this giveaway! I haven’t heard of some of these places and will be checking them out.

  10. Avatar for Chelsea

    I really love all the givaways I love everything about the giveaway and I love coffee cake so yummy tasty delicious

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    Thank you for all the GF information! My daughter and I need it badly! Learning to deal with Hashimoto’s has been a chore! Thanks again Leila

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    Thank you for this opportunity. There are so many great companies you paired up with!

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    Awesome prices. I love that gluten-free safe foods can be delivered directly to my door. Peace of mind is priceless

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    Thank you for the opportunity to win something. I have never won anything and btw I love GFF because I have learned more about Gluten free.

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    Looks like fun, Eika. Next year, maybe a two-night stay at the Treehouse, not in league with the Fairmont or St. Francis which my parents took us to every Christmas week for shopping, but as you know – different. We have done a major upgrade – new support pilings, bathroom door, paint job, heater, etc. Website – will be online soon. Cheers, John

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    and try the others. They look like very good recommendations. I feel like half of the GF food that I have tried has not been very good!

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    As a person with Celiac it’s so hard to find safe products. All these products look wonderful!!! I’d love to bake again.

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    Love your site and newsletters! Very informative, and helpful in navigating the “gluten free” world!

  56. Avatar for Joan Bey

    I like Shar bread and Canyon Bakehouse, too. I buy whichever one I can find in the grocery since I want a sandwich daily at noon. I try to keep one loaf in the freezer for backup. Sometimes I toast the sandwich and both these breads toast well with fillings in a skillet.

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    Thank you for doing these fun giveaways! I love being introduced to new products. Good luck to all!

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    I don’t tweet. Does that disqualify me from the drawing?

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    So bummed I missed Day One (love Cup 4 Cup) and glad to see you are still afloat during this unpredictable year!

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    Hello! I am open to win any and all Gluten free Products. They are so expensive being a widow and only 1 income. The goverment forgets about us when passing out extra foodstamps ans other breaks we as Seniors with Celiac Disease don’t qualify for. Thanks! Be Blessed! Stay Safe!

  87. Avatar for Kate O

    Winning ANY of these items would be so wonderful — thanks for sharing so much gluten free love!

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    I’m dying to try the products from modern bread and bagel! with the pandemic, I haven’t had the chance to go to NYC and visit their store.

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    I really like the Peoni Powerful and Nourishing 4-Step Skincare Regimen package. I had never heard of this skincare line. It must be good, if the inventor of it is Michelle Obama’s and Oprah’s facialist. The Etalia Pizza Night Spectacular package is another one of my favorites. All of the prizes sound really good, like they’re well made and not just profiting on the trend of gluten free.

  91. Avatar for Erika

    Aw, thank you so much, Chris! So sweet of you to continue to stick with us. I’m super grateful! Wishing you the best of holidays.

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    Hi John! You know I LOVE the Treehouse! I gotta check out the upgrade. I am in serious need of a seaside escape! Sending love to you and your family.

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    We would love to win any of these prizes, especially the gff products…would mean so much pressure off of us and our budget to have gff products to select from for my partner. He has trouble most of the time not feeling hungry all the time when following the gff diet, even though it is so important for his help. GFF products are super expensive where we live, especially for our modest budget.

  94. Avatar for Patricia DeChirico

    I love surprises. I couldn’t just pick one of these prizes as I loved so many! Would be great to win a surprise in time for the Holidays! Thank you for the chance!

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    Yeah! Totally–only we raised it to 15 days! 🙂 Good luck and thanks for entering!

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    I saw some gluten free products. Thank you for giving a celiac a chance to win!

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    How exciting right before the holidays! I live in NYC – not too far from Modern Bread & Bagel – and I know whoever wins that prize (and the others) are in for a treat! Good luck, everybody, and happy holidays!

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    I’m most excited about December 11: Zego Foods Sensational Superfood Nutrient Booster. Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance for all these great gluten-free prizes!

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    I really could use this. It has been such a difficult year for my family. Good luck everyone!

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    This is a great giveaway. I have heard of only a few of these brands. I love discovering new Gluten Free brands!! Thank you!

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    Thanks for this giveaway??

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  120. Avatar for Allie

    The new products that GFF Magazine shares have really changed my GF life. I’ve had celiac for years, so finding new tasty food is such a treat.

    Thank you for building this community and the chance to win these amazing prizes.

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    Thank you @gffmag for some fantastic giveaways!

  125. Avatar for Lori W.

    We have been gluten free for over 20 years. Even now finding new products that we like can be a challenge . it seems like our favorites disappear from stores quickly and we are searching again. Would love to try some of the new stuff and keep it on our grocery list.

  126. Avatar for Christine

    Love seeing the new companies and products that are GF. I will be visiting several of their websites to find their products locally or perhaps to order. It would be awesome to win some free products too, especially for our household on a limited budget.

  127. Avatar for Jenny Ham

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  128. Avatar for S.G.

    So many awesome prizes. I really would love to win the Etalia pizza or some bagels.

  129. Avatar for Christy

    With five of us in the house with Celiac – this would be an amazing treat during Christmas!

  130. Avatar for Angela Guidi

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  138. Avatar for Stephanie

    Thank you for having this amazing Giveaway! I have been gluten free for 8 years and have never felt better. I am always looking for new ideas, products and recipes. I am now following you on Facebook and Twitter and am looking forward to learning more about you. Thank you!

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  141. Avatar for Julie

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  142. Avatar for Erika

    Hi Farrah! We had a glitch with Pinterest, but it is all fixed and available for giveaway entry! Good luck!

  143. Avatar for MAG

    Oh my, does my masked skin need a new GLOW! Liked both FB and IG pages, thanks

  144. Avatar for Morgan

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  145. Avatar for Maryann D.

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  149. Avatar for Sandra Beem

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  162. Avatar for INGRID STPIERRE


  163. Avatar for Sandra Beem

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  165. Avatar for Maryann D.

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  166. Avatar for Dana Andrakowicz

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  177. Avatar for Maryann D.

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  180. Avatar for Eileen

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  181. Avatar for Linda Townsend

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  182. Avatar for Julie

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  183. Avatar for Sandra Beem

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  186. Avatar for Laurie Emerson

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  187. Avatar for Mary M

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  191. Avatar for Laura

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  192. Avatar for Dana M.

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  193. Avatar for Kathy Hammond

    Hello, I think I am a winner. How do I find out for sure and what have I been lucky to win, also how will I receive it.

    Thank you.Kathy

  194. Avatar for Erika

    Hello Kathy! All winners have been alerted by email and also responded. If you haven’t heard from us, I’m sorry! But we will have many more giveaways soon!

  195. Avatar for Erika

    Hi! You would have been notified (and responded already) by email, as we have been in touch with all winners, but they are listed where the giveaway widgets was on the giveaway page on our website. We will have many more giveaways soon, so stay tuned!

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