GFF Magazine’s Great 14-Day Giveaway 2023

Welcome to our 2023 holiday giveaway! It’s our best one yet!

Each year we partner with some of our favorite brands to give you the chance to win the very best of GF deliciousness—for 14 DAYS STRAIGHT! This year we have a whopping 116 prizes, too, and many of our prize partners are offering you special discounts, just in time for your holiday shopping!

How to Score Discounts and Enter to Win:

  1. Scroll to see what’s up for grabs, learn more about GF brands you should know about, and get special discount codes available now.
  2. Then enter below or at the entry widget at the bottom of the page (look for the green button before the comments) and follow its prompts for many ways to enter to win!
  3. Enter between December 1 to midnight PST on December 14, 2023. Randomly selected winners will be announced here on December 15, 2023.


Good luck, Happy Holidays, and thank you so much for being part of our GF family! We are so grateful for you!

Erika Lenkert
GFF Editor

Great 14-Day Giveaway Prizes

December 1: Bread SRSLY Sourdough Bonanza

When I started this magazine in 2014, Bread SRSLY was the first gluten-free bread company to prove world-class GF bread is possible. Moist, with beautiful texture, and superb flavor, it’s still the answer to this native San Franciscan’s cravings for real-deal sourdough bread. These prizes — offering tastes of the various phenomenal bread flavors plus their party-perfect dinner rolls — give you a taste of why I’m a huge fan.

5 lucky winners will each receive a gluten-free sourdough holiday bundle of 3 gluten-free sourdough loaves —Classic, Seeded, and Cinnamon Raisin — plus one bag of gluten-free sourdough dinner rolls. Value $50.

Special Discount:
Shop Bread SRSLY and use code GFFMAG5 at checkout to get 15% OFF your first order!


December 2: Breton Crave-Worthy Crackers Sampler

I was a Breton lover long before I was GF; their crispy-flaky-buttery crackers are fantastic. When they launched gluten-free crackers with the same epic character, I became an even more serious loyalist. Their flax & sea salt flavors and herb & garlic flavors are an essential addition to any cheese tray, and even gluten-eaters will love them! Their nationwide availability makes them even easier to love. If you haven’t tried them yet, these prizes gives you your chance!

5 lucky winners will each receive 1 box of Breton Gluten Free Flax & Sea Salt, 1 box of Breton Gluten Free Herb & Garlic, and 1 branded bento box. Value $28.

Learn more about Breton

December 3: Holland Bowl Mill’s Beautiful
Handcrafted Bowls and Boards

Whether I’m seeking a serving bowl or board for myself or as a gift, I turn to fourth-generation, family-owned Holland Bowl Mill. Located in Holland, Michigan, they carefully handcraft solid-wood serving pieces that are gorgeous, versatile, durable, and one-of-a-kind. Plus they come in a variety of woods and finishes and include a lifetime guarantee! These prizes span the gamut of Holland Bowl awesomeness — optional engraving included!

1 lucky winner will receive a 9-inch cherry bowl! Value $35.
1 lucky winner will receive a 12-inch ebonized red oak bowl! Value $77.50.
1 lucky winner will receive a 12-inch beech chopping bowl with a maple mezzaluna knife! Value $90.
1 lucky winner will receive a 15-inch beech bowl! Value $140.
1 lucky winner will receive a live edge cherry cutting and presentation board! Value $50.

Special Discount:
Shop Holland Bowl Mill and use code “gluten” at checkout between now and December 12, 2023, for 10% OFF plus free shipping on any purchase of $100 or more. Bonus: for purchases of $150 or more, use code “santa” at checkout and you’ll also get a free 9-inch Beech Bowl (bowl will populate into your cart)!


December 4: Whoa Dough Cookie Dough Extravaganza

When I was a teen, I used to tell kids I babysat that the best thing about being a grown-up is you can eat as much cookie dough as you want. This still seems right on to me, especially now that there’s totally safe, totally yummy gluten-free and vegan cookie dough by Whoa Dough. This dough is irresistible uncooked, but save a bit for the oven and you’ll be rewarded with chewy, soft, buttery vegan cookies. Bonus: Whoa!’s products have more healthful ingredients than the competition, as well as gluten-free cookie dough snack bars that are loved by kiddos (and their parents) and perfect for the lunchbox.

10 lucky winners will each receive a bounty of Whoa Dough goodness: 1 bag of chocolate chip ready-to-bake dough, 1 bag of brand new (!) sugar cookie ready-to-bake dough, 4 packs each of 7 snack bar flavors (chocolate chip, brownie batter, oatmeal, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip, sugar cookie, sugar cookie with sprinkles), plus a “Ready to Bake?” T-shirt. Value $90.

Special Discount:
Shop Whoa Dough and use code GFFMAG to get 20% OFF on everything except ready-to-bake dough when shopping at Whoa Dough through December 31, 2023.


December 5: Some of My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

In the kitchen, I’m the opposite of a gadget girl; I stock up on only essential items I need and use regularly. When possible, they’re also lovely to look at and very affordable. These are some of my faves. Those big ol’ tweezers? They’re a far more nimble tool than everyday tongs. A spoon rest is a must; even better when it’s a gorgeous one. I’ve been known to be iron deficient; I put the cute iron fish into the pot with stews and soups to impart whatever I’m cooking with some iron. And everyone needs a set of pretty, bendy, easily storable silicone trivets like the pretty teal one above (available in tons of other colors, too). Finally, that stitched fabric is a hot-pan-handle sleeve; it’s the thing that finally stopped me from forgetting fresh-from-the-oven handles and burning my hands. You can also find these favorites, more must-haves, and great gifts in our new Amazon store.

5 winners will each receive 1 (12-inch) tweezer tongs, 1 wooden spoon rest, 1 iron fish, 1 (3-pack) of silicone trivets, and 1 hot-pan-handle sleeve. Value $38.

Explore all our selections at our GFF Amazon store


December 6: A Bounty of Ethel’s Exceptional Dessert Bars

If you’ve ever tried Ethel’s Baking Company‘s brownies and bars, you know that they really are ridiculously delicious — and I mean irresistibly, “OMG-these-are-amazing,” jump up and down delicious. Plus the moist squares of perfection are available in so many flavors: pecan dandy, fresh lemon crumble, chocolate-peacan turtle, raspberry crumble, blondie brownie, cinnamon crumble, wild blueberry crumble, plus annual limited editions! I honestly love them all! The winners of this prize can choose 4 flavors to receive a custom box featuring 12 bars!

20 lucky winners will receive a build-your-own custom Ethel’s gift box. Choose any 4 flavors of handcrafted dessert bars and cookies. Value $53.

Special Discount:
Shop Ethel’s and use code gff23 for 20% OFF your entire order (one-time use)!


December 7: Fabulous Fresh Pasta from Charlie’s Table

Photo Credit Jessica Hanson

When was the last time you had perfectly al dente, superbly flavored, fantastically fresh gluten-free pasta that cooks in 3 minutes? If you have access to Charlie’s Table’s handmade GF, vegan, top-nine-allergen-free pastas cut the good old-fashioned Italian way, the answer is anytime! I love everything about this pasta, including the variety of shapes to choose from — currently bucatini, elbow macaroni, garganelli, gemelli, and spaghetti. Plus you can order it online, freeze it, then thaw it whenever you wish!

5 lucky winners will each receive 4 (9-ounce) Charlie’s Table gluten-free, fresh, vegan, top-9-allergen-free, kosher pastas of choice. Cuts include bucatini, elbow macaroni, garganelli, gemelli, and spaghetti. Value $69.95.

Special Discount:
Shop Charlie’s Table and use coupon code GFF23 for 50% OFF orders through Jan. 15, 2024!


December 8: Canyon Bakehouse Bread Bonanza

An abundance of totally fantastic, perfectly textured, and aptly sturdy breads along with nationwide distribution in the bread aisle and freezer section make Canyon Bakehouse the best thing since, well, sliced bread! Plus all their delicious flavors are 100% whole grain gluten-free, not to mention free from dairy, nuts, soy, and GMOs! Canyon is my go-to for sandwiches and burger buns; I always have a couple of loaves and bags of buns on hand and in the freezer, and love that when I inevitably run out, I can find them at my local store!

10 lucky winners will each receive 1 package of Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free Brioche Rolls, 1 package of Hawaiian Rolls, and 1 package of Heritage Style Honey White bread. Value $25.

Special Discount:
Shop Canyon Bakehouse and use code GFFCBH30 for 30% OFF orders until Dec 20, 2023!


December 9: Délice Glacé Festive French Meringues

I love discovering wonderful boutique companies making special gluten-free things just for us. Sweet and stylish Délice Glacé, out of the San Francisco Bay Area, is exactly that. The family-run artisanal confectionery specializes in stunning handmade French meringues in a variety of elegant shapes and flavors. All of their light, delicious treats are gluten-free, dairy-free, hand-piped, and made with natural flavors and real fruit. They’re also beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting to someone deserving, including you!

4 lucky winners will each receive a gorgeous holiday meringue gift box, which includes meringues in flavors of Bulgarian rose, vanilla, chocolate, and peppermint meringues, plus a seasonal meringue pop. Value $39.95.

Special Discount:
Shop Délice Glacé and use code LOVEGFF for 15% OFF everything!


December 10: Jovial & Bionaturae Pasta Night Perfection

There is never a time that I’m without at least one box of Jovial organic brown rice spaghetti. It’s been a cupboard staple of mine since it liberated me more than a decade ago from the sad realities of lesser-than dried GF pastas. The texture, structure, and flavor of Jovial’s dried pastas — all of which are organic and certified GF — repeatedly prove we never have to compromise in our pursuit of excellent gluten-free pasta, whether we’re seeking great spaghetti, penne, mafalda, fusilli, egg tagliatelle, farfalle, manicotti, lasagna, casrecce, shells, or mac and cheese! Its sister brand, Bionaturae, rounds out any Italian feast with excellent-quality sauce-making staples straight from Italy.

5 lucky winners will each receive a $50 gift card to Jovial’s online shop.

Special Discount:
Shop Jovial and use code GFF15 for 15% off. Cannot be combined with other offers or previously discounted items. Valid through 3/1/24.


December 11: WOW Baking Company Coffee and Treats Windfall

Sometimes nothing but a great cookie will do. Fortunately for cookie lovers like me, WOW Baking Company makes satisfying such cravings easy. Their delicious, prettily packaged cookies come soft-baked, and as big hefty cookies or small bites; fresh-to-devour or in shelf-stable pouches; and in an abundance of incredibly yummy flavors, including snickerdoodle, strawberries and cream, triple chocolate chunk, Vermont maple, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip, Oregon oatmeal, lemon burst, key lime white chocolate, birthday cake, and seasonal sensations like pumpkin spice or peppermint-chocolate brownies! Plus they’re widely distributed for easy access. I keep a collection of their shelf-stable selections in the cupboard for snacks, road trips, and anytime satisfaction!

5 lucky winners will each receive a delicious holiday box filled with everything you need for fantastic cookie breaks: 2 brownies, 4 holiday cookies, 2 packages of their local coffee, a coffee mug, plus a $30 eGift card to, and a sample of the newest cookie flavor! VALUE $65.

Special Discount:
Shop Wow Baking Company and use code GFF Holiday15 at checkout for 15% OFF your order until January 31, 2024!


December 12: Sensationally Crunchy, Munchy Favalicious Snacks

I’m rarely excited about packaged snacks, but Nuttee Bean’s Favalicious whole roasted fava beans have me chomping with joy. The salty snack is like a majorly leveled-up corn nut! Vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly it’s got all the same crunch-and-munch satisfaction only these taste way better, are made from beans that are lightly roasted expeller-pressed high-oleic sunflower oil, and seasoned with natural flavors. Packed with protein and fiber and available in irresistible flavor combos like tangy salt and vinegar, perky chili and lime, and feisty wasabi and ginger, they’re one of my new favorite go-tos for a satisfying readymade snack.

17 lucky winners will each receive a Nuttee Bean Favalicious 12-pack featuring three flavors: Salt and Vinegar, Chili and Lime, and Wasabi and Ginger. Value: $29.99

Special Discount:
Shop Nuttee Bean and use code favalicious for 25% OFF your order through February 29, 2024.


December 13: MYBREAD Soft-Pretzel Palooza

If you don’t know about MYBREAD, you don’t know that they’re an epic source for fantastically light and yummy gluten-free breads, including unicorns like flatbread pitas, breadsticks, and most recently plant-based, top-8-allergen-free soft pretzel slider buns! All of their fresh-from-the-oven breads are totally delicious, vegan, and free from dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy, too! Their pretzel bites and pretzel slider buns (!) are the ones I grab whenever it’s time for an excellent salt-kissed, tender-chewy gluten-free pretzel experience — which means pretty much anytime!

10 lucky winners will each receive 1 Soft Pretzel Bite Sample Pack (1 pouch Classic with Salt, 1 pouch Cinnamon & Sugar) and a case (three 4-packs) of NEW Soft Pretzel Slider Buns. Value $55.

Special Discount:
Shop MYBREAD and use code GFF20 for 20% OFF your order and free shipping on orders over $60 until December 31, 2023.


December 14: ZĒGO Food’s Pure, Perfect Superfoods

I don’t know any company that works harder than ZĒGO to offer the purest, healthiest, and most nutritious foods and ingredients. This is part of the reason I’ve been a huge fan since I started GFF 10 years ago. The other part is the food itself, especially their double-protein organic oats. I’m obsessed with them. Purity-verified for over 500 pesticides, heavy metals, gluten, and allergens and glyphosate-free, their taste and texture are next-level fantastic, just like the rest of ZĒGO’s products, which includes muesli, plant protein powder, and fruit and veggie bars.

10 lucky winners will each receive 1 package of Double Protein Oats, 1 package of Muesli, and 1 package of Pure Protein Powder! Value $53.

Special Discount:
Shop ZĒGO Foods and use code GFFMAG2023 for 20% OFF your order.



NOTE: We only recommend products that we truly LOVE, use, and are confident to recommend. Thanks to affiliate partnership opportunities, we sometimes earn a small commission if you make a purchase through a product link on our site at no cost to you. But this has no influence on what we recommend. When we do score a few shekels, know that your purchase helps support our work to bring you trustworthy, unbiased information on an amazing gluten-free food and lifestyle.

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  27. Avatar for Sue Kennell

    I would love to win any prize. As a senior on a limited income, I find it difficult to purchase gluten free items. If I eat gluten, I am ill for 2+ days. So, I don’t eat many of the products…but I sure do crave them

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    I am so excited for the Breton crackers! I haven’t seen these in any stores, and you can’t have the holiday season without cheese and crackers of some sort!!

  95. Avatar for Lisa

    So many GF foods that I haven’t seen or tried. I have tried the Ethel’s raspberry crumble bars, and they are delcious! I look forward to finding some of these to try out.

  96. Avatar for Carol VanHorn

    LOVE these crackers!!!! Generally buy 4 boxes whenever I can find them in the store.

  97. Avatar for Lisa

    Appreciate winning anything but have heard Charlie’s Table pasta is pretty good. Being Italian, always looking for closest to life before gf!

  98. Avatar for Audrey

    I’m excited so many great products to win! I would be happy to win any of these prizes!

  99. Avatar for Michelle Karasek

    I would love any of these products, but Bread SRSLY is definitely a favorite to try!

  100. Avatar for Iris w

    So excited for this giveaway! Especially Bread Srsly and Jovial giveaways!!

  101. Avatar for Iris Ramirez

    So excited for this giveaway! Especially Bread Srsly and Jovial giveaways!!

  102. Avatar for Jennifer

    I’d honestly be grateful to win anything! So nice to see so many brands I haven’t heard of before and also ones I do know.

  103. Avatar for Emma

    So excited for it all! Cant stop thinking about the pretzels, sourdough, favs beans, and woah dough!

  104. Avatar for Alana

    I’d be excited to win anything, but I’d be the most excited to win the Whoa Dough or MyBread pretzels!

  105. Avatar for Sandra Jones

    Love the Holland Bowl Mills items! However, any product from all would be wonderful especially for someone with food allergies, like me!

  106. Avatar for Caitlin

    I’d love to try some of these brands I don’t have at my local grocery store!

  107. Avatar for Janice Wright

    I would most like to win the Handcrafted Bowls and Boards, simply beautiful!

  108. Avatar for Lisa P.

    The Soft Pretzels are probably what I’m most excited to win. I also like the Sourdough Breads and the wooden bowls. There are so many nice prizes, so it’s hard to pick which I like best. They all look great.

  109. Avatar for MJ

    There are so many wonderful products this year in the giveaways. I love reading GFF Magazine.

  110. Avatar for Laura Mason

    🙌🏼 Yes, yes, please one of everything. I srsly would love to try every single one of these. Thank goodness for gluten free bakers shooting for the moon and knocking it out of the sky, my mouth is watering it all looks so good, can smell it through my phone. I miss food tasting like food, since I was diagnosed Celiac and live in USA very limited on GF food offerings. So many other countries and wonderful people going the extra mile for us GF folk, you all are my hero’s truly making gf taste like most amazing food food. Hands down! Sincerely, thank goodness for you artists! 💛💛

  111. Avatar for Heather C.

    Oh wow, I’m most excited to win any of this! The Bread SRSLY Sourdough Bonanza sounds so good as does the soft pretzels, crackers, Favalicious snack…everything really. I’m gluten intolerant, so I’m always open to anything gluten free especially since my grocery stores have the tiniest section of gluten free items.

  112. Avatar for Kriss K

    The treats look amazing. Also, the kitchen essentials. Everything looks wonderful.

  113. Avatar for Shane C

    I’ve never heard of some of these brands and am curious to try them out! I’m always looking forward to adding new GF items to my diet. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Good luck all! 🙂

  114. Avatar for Andrea K

    I’d love to win the package of Charlie’s Table to try the fresh pasta! But I always learn about a great products from GFF Magazine

  115. Avatar for Robyn M Huereca

    Thank you Erika for ALL that you do for the GF community. This giveaway is something I look forward to every year. It showcases some companies that I didn’t know about previously. You ROCK for putting this together. I know it’s not easy, so I want you to know how grateful I am. Happy Holidays !

  116. Avatar for Carol Schmitt

    All the prizes look fantastic. Sour Dough prize and Ethels are good ones

  117. Avatar for Colleen Debs

    Everything looks fantastic. I would love to try the Canyon Bakehouse Bonanza!

  118. Avatar for Karrie

    Coffee and treats are very much me! All of the giveaways are lovely though!

  119. Avatar for Laura Mason

    Such a wonderful collection of everything. Today’s bamboo bowls look awesome!

  120. Avatar for Thomas P

    I would love the Charlie’s Table’s pasta (or the Jovial gift card) because I can never have too much pasta, at least if it’s gluten-free

  121. Avatar for Rai

    Wonderful prizes!! Too many to choose just one, but definitely have my eye on the Holland Bowl Mills products~.

  122. Avatar for Michelle J.

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn about these great Gluten free items. We are a house full of celiacs and always looking for new fresh and safe items to try.

  123. Avatar for Kathleen Falco

    I would be so excited to win anything from Holland Mill Bowls. I love their products.

  124. Avatar for Linda Gilbert

    Each and every prize is special, and would enjoy winning of them. Thank you for the giveaway!

  125. Avatar for Beth

    So much great stuff here! Thanks to all the sponsors and to you, GFF, for putting this all together for us! Happy holidays!

  126. Avatar for Sue Sprinkle

    I’m in love with the Délice Glacé Festive French Meringues! May I win those? Pretty please?

  127. Avatar for JillHuesgen

    My Christmas wish is to win an amazing prizes from the GFF Magazine’s Great 14-Day Giveaway 2023! So excited for all the products.

  128. Avatar for Mary

    Ooh, hard to choose because it all looks so yummy. I rather like your kitchen essentials, especially the blue trivet and oversized tweezers.

  129. Avatar for Shea Balentine

    Any of it would be awesome, but those dessert bars would be top notch!! They look so good!

  130. Avatar for Lori Kling

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone! And thank you to these generous companies for being a part of this!

  131. Avatar for Lyn

    There’s so many good snacks I’m not even sure what I’m most looking forward to on this list

  132. Avatar for Frankie Pinnix

    Honestly, I would be absolutely elated and shocked to win ANY of these amazing prizes! Thank you for this opportunity.

  133. Avatar for Betty Browning

    I’d love any of these but that Holland bowl set is what I really would love to win. It reminds me of my mother in law’s old biscuit bowl. She made the most lightest, sweetest, tasty biscuits I’ve ever had. When the babies were littles, she used to make them their special baby ones that they could handle with their little hands. I really miss her.

  134. Avatar for Kat

    Hello — New reader here. Great to learn about all these GF brands. Good luck, everyone!

  135. Avatar for Sara

    The GFF Amazon page kitchen gadgets and goodies – I love a good kitchen gadget!

  136. Avatar for Tarry Majewski

    Oh….. I want to win so badly. My husband isn’t working right now.

  137. Avatar for michelle

    Thank you for the chance at great prizes! Good luck everyone and happy holidays.

  138. Avatar for MARLENE SEGAL

    Thanks for the opportunity. I would greatly appreciate any of these prizes especially the pasta from Charlie’s Table

  139. Avatar for Rachel

    Fingers crossed! Love your mission and all the great brands you include in this epic giveaway!!🥰

  140. Avatar for RAK

    Jovial pasta is something I’d love to receive and be able to try for the 1st time!

  141. Avatar for Zachary Klein

    Every single prize would be a real treat (if not a game-changer), but it was the Ethel’s sweets that made me think “I really need to enter these sweepstakes”!

  142. Avatar for Lori Webb

    I would love to win any of these wonderful treats. The coffee and treat bundle would be the best!

  143. Avatar for Gaye McGill

    What a marvelous collection of deliciousness you’ve put together here. My family would love any of these prizes.

  144. Avatar for Leisa

    Always love to try new g-f products….and even invent my own dishes and treats! Some much inspiration!! Thank you GFF!

  145. Avatar for Diana Smith Hill

    I am excited for this- really excited about it because I have been gluten free for almost 20 years and miss bread, cookies and pie crusts. I miss cakes on birthdays and soups without flour and coconut (also allergic to coconut and nuts)
    This would let me try and find new items I actually can eat and get me away from the bland life of no flour products without giving them up and eating gluten free versions!
    My Birthday is tomorrow and again no cake! I want to eat cake again that has no coconut, no almonds and no gluten!
    Thank you!

  146. Avatar for Laurie Mahoney

    Wow! I have recently gone gluten free . This is new to me and I would love to try the sour dough. Everything in your giveaways look amazing.

  147. Avatar for Peggy Greco

    This is a great giveaway opportunity and I appreciate entry opportunity! Merry Christmas to all!

  148. Avatar for Deb

    It’s exciting to see all the wonderful treats in store! I love Jovial and would have fun with their Pasta Night package. I use lots of Canyon Bakehouse products. I would really love to try something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself like the Meringues! The GFF team is such a great resource thank you all for what you do!

  149. Avatar for Tom P

    I’m only familiar with Jovial & Canyon, but am always curious to try something gnu.

  150. Avatar for Colleen

    What an amazing giveaway. All the prizes are fantastic! Would love to be a winner, thanks for the opportunity.

  151. Avatar for RAK

    Would love to try Ethel’s or SRSLY or Jovial. New products to me.
    Your give-away & product info years ago introduced me to Canyon which I still use.
    Hope to win a chance to try another new GF taste treat!

  152. Avatar for Stella

    Ooooh!! I wish I could win the Charlie’s Table pasta prize!! OR the 12-inch beech chopping bowl with a maple mezzaluna knife!
    Jovial is my favorite pasta in the world but I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting Charlie’s Table. Plus , I have ALWAYS wanted a mezzaluna knife and chopping bowl! So that would be wonderful. Their creations are stunning! I spent some time on their FB page checking them out today and will be sharing with my little community and group here in Hopkinsville, KY.
    Please pick me!!! ❤️

  153. Avatar for Cat

    Good luck everyone! I’d love to win Canyon Bakehouse, Bread Srsly, Zego, the Woah Dough, Délice Glacé, or MyBread:)

  154. Avatar for Anna

    So many amazing prizes!! I would be super excited to get the WOW treats or the soft pretzel bites.

  155. Avatar for Gaye McGill

    These Délice Glacé French meringues look absolutely delightful and I’d love to try them!

  156. Avatar for Rachel Flack

    I would love to surprise my GF daughter with a special treat at her first year at college.

  157. Avatar for Jodie Collins

    Some of my favorites and some new to me companies that would be wonderful to try.
    I would love ❤️ a gluten-free treat for Christmas 🎄

  158. Avatar for Darby Z

    So many products that I was t aware of. Thanks for bringing them to my attention 💛

  159. Avatar for Sheila Mulki

    We love the Canyon Bakehouse breads! We buy it as our first choice. The bowls are really gorgeous, but I missed that date looks like.

  160. Avatar for Kristen B.

    Thank you, Erika and sponsors, for this fabulous giveaway! Our young son was diagnosed with celiac disease. Thrilled to learn about so many fabulous gluten free companies! We haven’t tried many of these yet, but I bet he’d like them! 🙂 Hoping to win! 🤞

  161. Avatar for Darby Z

    So many amazing prizes! I’d be happy to win any of them. Thanks for supporting all things GF.

  162. Avatar for annamarie dodge

    I would love to win this….any or all of the wonderful products shown!

  163. Avatar for Jess

    Thanks GFF MAG for this cool giveaway .
    I love Jovial and Canyon Bakehouse!
    Good luck to all and happy holidays.

  164. Avatar for CLAUDIA DAVIS

    Excited to try the Whoa cookie dough.

    Jovial is amazing though and a staple in my home.

  165. Avatar for Chelsea B

    So many great yummy prizes. I would like to try the Whoa Dough Cookie Dough Extravaganza!

  166. Avatar for Sarah

    WOW Bakery is such a special treat for me. And Canyon Bakehouse is my go-to bread!

  167. Avatar for Flora Soto

    The cooking and kitchen themed prizes look so colorful and fun. This promotion is the best with each vendor/business exemplifying their unique GF foods and products.

  168. Avatar for Karen Schamun

    MyBread would love to win. I made some pretzels at home and they were ok. Next time I’ll get a groove and they will be better.

  169. Avatar for Jennifer Fraunfelder

    Oh! My! Goodness! It’s hard to say what I’d be super excited to win as I LOVE it ALL! but I gotta say, those Meringue Cookies look so yummy! Very pretty

  170. Avatar for jberry

    The Favorite Kitchen Essentials . I didn’t notice at first , the iron fish. I have over the years found myself in an iron poor time frame. I’m off to google it right now.

  171. Avatar for Kim Lynch

    OMGosh , so many great brand and many I have not yet tried. I am very excited to try the Breton crackers and the Canyon Bake House bread. Of course the kitchen do dads and sweets ( I see you Ethels) look fantastic. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try so many great brands.

  172. Avatar for Kaleigh

    Wow!! I love seeing all the new gluten free items! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a joyfully gluten free prize.

  173. Avatar for Rania R.

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity ! Happy Holidays. I would love WOW Baking Company Coffee and Treats Windfall. This would be awesome for Santa to eat on Christmas morning.

  174. Avatar for Tarry Majewski

    I would love to win! These companies are all true treasures to all of us with celiac disease.

  175. Avatar for Michelle Catallo

    I got my eye on Holland Bowl Mill’s Beautiful Handcrafted Bowls and Boards ~ nostalgic, had ones almost like these growing up.

  176. Avatar for A

    Looks really great!! Thanks for offering such great prizes & resources for the gluten-free community! Hope I win!!! 🙂

  177. Avatar for Helen Robinson

    Excited to see this website & have gluten free recipes to try for my son!

  178. Avatar for Katherine

    I am excited to win any of these great products but would really like the WOW Baking Company!!

  179. Avatar for Johanna

    These are all AMAZING companies! I’d be so happy to win any of them. I love trying new products and finding new favorites

  180. Avatar for Angela Aguilera

    I am most excited about the gluten-free pretzels! Haven’t pretzels in a long time.

  181. Avatar for Brandy

    I’m so excited about it all. Breton crackers and canyon bake house breads are a couple of my favorites!!

  182. Avatar for Diana

    Wow! Awesome giveaway! I’d love to win the Holland Bowl Mill’s Handcrafted Bowls and Boards & the Ethel’s Baking Co treats look amazing! 😍 I’m happy to see so many companies making awesome products for us with Celiac’s!

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