Gluten-Free Polenta Cookies Recipe

gluten free cookies

Perfect for teatime or anytime, these gluten free cookies have crisp texture, nice cornmeal crunch, and balanced sweetness.   Baking time will vary depending on the thickness of the cookies. … Read More

Product Review: Goodie Girl Cookies Chocolate Creme cookies

We’ve had our share of gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies that are so sawdusty and bland, we’d rather skip dessert (hello, Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Joe Joe’s). And while these aren’t our all-time favorite, they’re pretty close to the classic, crisp chocolate wafer sandwich with a creamy vanilla filling. So, yes, we happily eat these. PRICE(ISH): $19.99/3 10-ounce boxes WHERE TO BUY: INGREDIENTS: Sugar, rice flour, vegetable shortening, ascorbyl palmitate, […]