12 Gluten-Free Cookbooks You Need

Whether you are interested in learning a new skill, starting a new project or getting some ideas for preparing yet another home-cooked meal, a new cookbook can add excitement and intrigue to your time in the kitchen. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite gluten-free cookbooks that offer inspiration and beautiful photography and help answer the perpetual question, “What’s for dinner?”

By Cindy Rice

Cannelle et Vanille: Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood by Aran Goyoaga
You’ll find stunning photography and rustic, wholesome recipes in this book by our friend and GFF contributor Aran Goyoaga.

The book is divided into chapters based on times of day and includes step-by-step instructions for making sourdough starter with only brown rice flour and filtered water. The resulting sourdough boules have a traditional crusty exterior and airy, chewy interior. There are several other recipes in the book that use the starter–like a Nordic-Style Rye Bread and Sourdough Waffles.

From breakfast to dessert to how to stock a gluten-free pantry, there is plenty to learn here for both the novice and the experienced gluten-free cook. Get the book here. You can try the Chocolate, Olive Oil and Citrus Cake recipe from the book, here.

Alternative Baker: Reinventing Dessert with Gluten-Free Grains and Flours by Alanna Taylor-Tobin
If you’ve tried our pal Alanna’s recipes (featured throughout GFF), you have an idea of just how delicious her exploration of alternative flours can be. If you haven’t, trust us: hers are the desserts you want to bring, gift, hoard, and worship whether you’re gluten-free or not. From pies to tarts to cakes, including dairy-free options, they’re truly that good–and they’re accompanied by equally inducing photos. For the bakers in your life, or the baker-in-training, or yourself, this is the perfect gift. Try Alanna’s lime tart here. Order your copy of the book here.

Gluten Free on a Shoestring, by Nicole Hunn
Gluten-free food and ingredients can be expensive even if you are eating at home. In this book, Nicole (mom and blogger) teaches the home cook how to cook and eat familiar food made allergen free on a budget. She shares 125 easy recipes for family-friendly meals and desserts, plus advice on pantry-stocking and meal planning. Get it here.

Sweet Cravings: 50 Seductive Desserts for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle [A Baking Book] by Kyra Bussanich
Portland-area gluten-free bakery owner and four-time winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” Kyra Bussanich shares recipes for her favorite baked goods in this amazing anthology. With recipes for cookies, cakes, cobblers, scones, tarts, pies, award-winning cupcakes, and more, this book will surely improve your dessert game. Get it here.

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes by Shauna James Ahern
Part love story between two food lovers and part cookbook, this beautiful book is chock full of seasonal, farm-to-table recipes created by the gluten-free- blogger author and her chef-husband. The food and the narrative are woven together seamlessly and in the process, many everyday recipes, techniques, and mouth-watering photos are shared. Get it here.

No Crumbs LeftWhole30 Endorsed, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous by Teri Turner
If you haven’t seen Teri’s Turner’s NoCrumbsLeft Instagram account, you’re missing out on daily opportunities for serious food lust. Teri elevates everyday cooking in a way that’s equal parts approachable and delicious and garnishes her recipes with helpful tips, gorgeous photography, and playful videos. In her cookbook, her whole-foods, whole-30 cooking is showcased in its full glory, giving you every reason to make dinner tonight and every night as well as to get more confident with your cooking. Buy it here.

Danielle Walker’s Eat What You Love: Everyday Comfort Food You Crave; Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Recipes
It’s rare that a gluten-free, dairy-free paleo recipe delivers everything we desire in a dish, and it’s even rarer to find a whole collection of allergen-free recipes that are downright wonderful. Here, the New York Times best-selling author and creator of website Against All Grain gives us easy, instant access to foods we already know and love (think bagels, onion rings, crackers, cheesecake and chocolate-hazelnut spread), minus the ingredients we can’t eat. Get it here.

No Gluten, No Problem Pizza: 75+ Recipes for Every Craving―from Thin Crust to Deep Dish, New York to Naples by Kelli Bronski and Peter Bronski
Craving traditional NY-style, Neapolitan or even Detroit-style pizza? Maybe you are hankering for authentic Rosemary Focaccia or a Sausage and Pepper Calzone? This book, which was written with love and attention to detail, is the ultimate gluten-free pizza-making resource. These Colorado-based authors have traveled the world visiting pizzaioli and pizzerias to learn about techniques and gluten-free ingredients. Their research culminated in the development of over 75 delicious and totally doable gluten-free pizza recipes. The book includes helpful chapters like “Seven Secrets to Great Gluten-Free Pizza at Home” and “Special Tricks of the Gluten-Free Trade” that ensure success for gluten-free cooks of all experience levels. So grab a pizza steel (you can get one here), fire up the oven and learn how to make amazing gluten-free pizza!

Bliss Bites: Vegan, Gluten- & Dairy-Free Treats from the Kenko Kitchen by Kate Bradley
Written by Australian plant-based cook, creator of blog Kenkō (meaning Health) Kitchen, and freelance recipe developer Kate Bradley, this aptly-named cookbook serves up 65 recipes for plant-based savory and sweet GF snacks that sidestep refined sugar, but not flavor. Learn how to make Mega Seed Crackers, Almost-A-“Snickers”-Bars, White Bean Broccoli and Quinoa Patties, many different kinds of Bliss Balls, and so much more. Get it here.

Tonic: Delicious & Natural Remedies to Boost Your Health by Tanita de Ruijt
If you believe that food is medicine, now is certainly a fitting time to peruse this book of all-natural remedies leveraging herbs and spices. The recipes are based on traditional Indonesian medicine and address everything from hangover to cough to stress through appealing teas, sodas and milks. Get it here.

Well Fed Weeknights: Complete Paleo Meals in 45 Minutes or Less by Melissa Joulwan
Here, paleo food blogger and former roller derby star, Melissa, puts lighter internationally inspired fare on the plate. You don’t have to be paleo to enjoy these recipes which include Fried Chicken, BBQ meatballs and Basil-Coconut Curry. Get it here.

Damn Good Gluten Free Cookbook by Peggy Curry

Our friend Peggy Curry, co-founder of wonderful Curry Girls Kitchen and author of this gorgeous cookbook shows us her methods for preparing easier, healthier meals with 140+ recipes that the whole family will love, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, plant-based and paleo options. Get it here.

The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen by Laura B. Russell

Eating at Asian restaurants can be challenging for gluten-free diners, to say the least. Here, Laura B. Russell shows us how to create Asian recipes at home with traditional bold and vibrant flavors found in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Get it here

Sweet Laurel Savory: Everyday Decadence for Whole-Food, Grain-Free Meals: A Cookbook by Laurel Gallucci and Claire Thomas

The recipes in this beautiful book come from the beloved LA restaurant, Sweet Laurel. All recipes are grain-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free and include delicious whole-food versions of favorites like pizza, burgers, soups, desserts and more. Get it here

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