7 Delicious Recipes Using Canned (or Dried) Beans

by Cindy Rice

Canned and dried beans are inexpensive and loaded with protein, fiber and antioxidants. Better still, they wait patiently for years in a dark closet until you’re ready to use them!

Whether social distancing due to COVID-19, staying home in bad weather, or just too (fill in the blank) to make a trip to the grocery store, beans can come to the rescue with delicious results, especially if you have some quick and easy pantry-staple recipes in your back pocket. Here, we share some of our favorites, which are not only incredibly tasty, but also are wholesome, versatile, and comforting.

All of these dishes will work with any variety of beans you happen to have, including dried beans that have been soaked and cooked. For recipes that call for dried beans, you can use canned beans, though for best results they should be cooked for less time than the recipe calls for. Regardless, all of these recipes work well as a side or main course.

Get creative, have fun and make something amazingly soul-soothing with the following recipes using canned beans.

Gluten-Free Braised Swiss Chard with Cannellini Beans

Here, canned cannellini beans and fresh swiss chard are brightened up with a touch of tomato paste. Substitute any white beans you have and any greens you have and skip the carrot and celery if needed. You can still end up with a hearty dish or meal. Get the recipe.

Gluten-Free Chickpea Tabouleh Salad

Photography Cindy Rice

This salad is super bright and tangy and packed with energy-boosting nutrients. If you don’t have lemons on hand, use any type of vinegar; it’ll add the characteristic zing! Get the recipe.

Mediterranean Braised Beans

gluten free side dish
Photography Ben Mastracco

Dried fava, lima, or white kidney beans are slowly simmered in tomatoes and herbs to create this saucy, stew-like bowl of goodness. Get the recipe.

Warm Cauliflower Salad with Lemon-Honey Dressing and
Fried Chickpeas

Photography Ben Mastracco

Roasted cauliflower and crispy pan-fried chickpeas join to create exceptional texture, while a simple vinaigrette sweetened with a touch of honey finishes off this masterpiece of a salad. Get the recipe.

Gluten-Free Orzo and Bean Soup with Pequin Chile Oil

Photography Maren Caruso

A cozy meal any time of the year, this creamy, spicy soup is a serious showstopper inspired by the Italian classic, pasta e fagioli. If you don’t have gluten-free orzo, ladle the soup over any type of cooked pasta or rice. Or just eat it solo; it’s wonderful on its own. Get the recipe.

Savory Black Beans

gluten free side dish
Photography Dane Tashima / Styling Jeanne Kelley

A classic south-of-the-border staple, this black-bean dish is packed with flavor and is delicious over rice or quinoa or wrapped in a corn tortilla. Get the recipe.

Chickpea, Wild Rice, and Roasted Vegetable Casserole with
Crunchy Almond Topping

Roast whatever vegetables you have until they are caramelized to perfection, combine with wild (or any type of) rice and canned chickpeas and dinner is served! Get the recipe.

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