Tropical Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

Pineapple and mango inject lively island flavor into this sexy-healthy turmeric smoothie recipe, while turmeric lends anti-inflammatory perks. For the best results, use very ripe fruit. Photography Paul Sirsalee

Charred Carrot Hummus Recipe

Get ready for your next food crush. Seriously. This velvety, crazy-good sweet and savory blend of charred carrots, tahini (sesame paste), lemon, and spice is lighter and more nuanced than … Read More

Product Review: Rebbl’s Reishi Chocolate milk

Sorry in advance for your next drink addiction: Rebbl’s dairy-free, organic, fair-trade, coconut-based, herb-infused, and totally delish. That it contains the immune-boosting reishi mushroom is beside the point. PRICE(ISH): $3.99/12-ounce bottle WHERE TO BUY: Whole Foods, or for store locator INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut milk (water, coconut crème), organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic acacia fiber, organic vanilla extract, organic reishi extract (10:1), pink salt, organic quillaja extract, organic […]

Tangy Fruit Salad Recipe

Gluten Free Summer Dish Tangy Fruit Salad

Here, the bright flavors of tropical and summer fruits are perked up with lime and a sprinkle of salt in a gluten friendly summer dish. Photography Christine Han

Roasted Red Pepper Salad

A quick seasoning of garlic, lemon, and a dash of apple cider vinegar adds rustic sophistication to roasted red peppers for a simple gluten friendly salad. Photography Christine Han

Charred Beet Salad

simple gluten friendly side

Bright color and flavor make this simple dish by our friends from New York Shuk a wonderful, simple gluten friendly side for chicken or fish. Photography Christine Han

Gluten-Free Florentine Cookies Recipe

These fancy cookies by Heather Crosby of the plant-based, GF website and cookbook YumUniverse don’t require a lot of effort or ingredients and are dairy-free if you use DF chocolate. … Read More